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Tumbled shungite

Shungite itself extremely mysterious and powerful mineral that has amassed a huge force of energy that is able to treat people. It is used as a medical affairs, in medicine, and in construction, scenery. But where did this mysterious mineral ?! Scientists have found that it exists on the ground, long before the appearance of living beings. But no one can give an accurate forecast, where he appeared in the earth's crust and is now coming to the shore. There is an option that is part of the planet, which fell to the ground many billions of years ago, because of this, it can be found only on the shores of Lake Onega in Karelia.
On the site you will be able to leave shungit-factory.ru order this magnificent stone that has various shapes and sizes. In domestic purposes it can be used to purify water for use of medicinal baths for treatment or simply to decorate the apartment. Application shungit stones is very large, therefore its medicinal functions it is useful to you in all sorts of purposes.
Tumbled shungite, this unique item!.....

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