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Shungite tile with natural cleavage

price for 1м² 100x100(thickness 20-30) mm
Weight: 90 Kg
Availability: In Stock
Shipping to: All countries
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409.10 USD

Shungite tile with natural cleavage

price for 1м² 100x100(thickness 20-30) mm
Product code:
Weight:90 Kg
Availability:In Stock
409.10 USD

price for 1м²
100x100(thickness 20-30) mm

shungite tiles with natural cleavage is used for exterior and interior walls as well as floor covering.
carbon content 60%

  • I ordered shungite tile from Karelian Factory and can say only thankful words about the service! My order was delivered in time and I could build a workspace for my lovely daughter.
    Steven Sims
  • That's a gift of destiny – shungite tile decorated my house and improved all my life aspects, I deeply believe in its magic!
    Pablo Mestre Segarra
  • I never thought that there could be something so powerful… We bought shungite tile for decoration of our living room on the village, and I noticed that our family became closer to each other, there is such a warm atmosphere now that was never before. Thank you!
    Marcel Schlueter
  • I always wanted to meet my man, a close person, that I can trust and love… and to be loved too… And, you know, my dream came true after shungite stone entered my life. I ordered the tile to use at my kitchen design, and as it could be in a romantic movie, a man who brought the boxes into my house turned out to be my destiny!
    Laura Casado
  • My son has become much more healthier and almost never catches a cold, and that's all thanks to your shungite tile.
    Amy Tribe
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