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Buy shungite tile from Russia

Shungite - a mineral unique and used in various fields. Therefore, for convenient use, we manufacture products of various shapes: spheres, cubes, decorative figurines, all sorts of tiles, bricks and much more.

Shungite tiles can be used as a piece, and in large volumes. Piece use implies that the tile will become, for example, a mug stand with a hot or chilled drink on the work table. Then near the stone tile, there will be several unique functions: the stone will maintain the temperature of the drink in the cup, shield from harmful EM radiation, and, of course, add aesthetics. And what a general emotional background and satisfaction from the fact that everything on the desktop is in its place!

On such a tile you can keep your smartphone. Due to the unique composition of the shungite, not only the EM radiation from the gadget will not bother you, but the surface of the device itself will be naturally cleaned of pathogenic bacteria or fungi (see also the section of the shungite stand for the phone).

With the help of shungite tile-stand you can clean and charge vegetables and fruits: they will keep freshness longer. Carbon composition of this stone provides absorption of toxins, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals, radionuclides, microbes and bacteria.

Disclosing the natural properties of shungite, people are increasingly turning to this mineral as a building material.

Tiles and bricks made of shungite - this is always an original solution. Shungite is a natural mineral, and nature has no repetition. Each vein on the brick is unique, as is the chemical composition of the mineral. Thanks to the chemical formula there is a theory about the extraterrestrial origin of the stone, so it differs in the crystal lattice, from all terrestrial minerals. Shungite contains a variety of micro- and macroelements: sulfur, barium, boron, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, strontium, lead, zinc, copper; oxides of magnesium, silicon, calcium, aluminum, titanium, iron, phosphorus, manganese. Premises with shungite finish - it's not only very beautiful. Scientists from Russia use shungite rooms to improve patients, including in military medicine. Cosmetologists also actively use the properties of this stone for rejuvenation and health improvement of patients. Now the opportunity to use the useful properties of shungite for themselves and their families has appeared at home for each of us. It is only necessary to place an order correctly.


  • I ordered shungite tile from Karelian Factory and can say only thankful words about the service! My order was delivered in time and I could build a workspace for my lovely daughter.
    Steven Sims
  • That's a gift of destiny – shungite tile decorated my house and improved all my life aspects, I deeply believe in its magic!
    Pablo Mestre Segarra
  • I never thought that there could be something so powerful… We bought shungite tile for decoration of our living room on the village, and I noticed that our family became closer to each other, there is such a warm atmosphere now that was never before. Thank you!
    Marcel Schlueter
  • I always wanted to meet my man, a close person, that I can trust and love… and to be loved too… And, you know, my dream came true after shungite stone entered my life. I ordered the tile to use at my kitchen design, and as it could be in a romantic movie, a man who brought the boxes into my house turned out to be my destiny!
    Laura Casado
  • My son has become much more healthier and almost never catches a cold, and that's all thanks to your shungite tile.
    Amy Tribe
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