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Buy shungite spheres unpolished from Russia

The ball, as a symbol of the Earth and an integral figure in magic, for many centuries is the guardian of health. In the 14th century in China, during the Ming dynasty, balls were widely used in elite circles for the development of sleight of hand during the development of martial arts, increased mobility of joints, and for the development of coordination and concentration of the warrior's attention. Girls actively engaged with balls for the extension of youth and for cosmetic purposes. Over time, the balls spread throughout the world and were popular with all segments of the population: from the nobility to mere mortals. Warriors took them with them to the battle as an amulet, and peaceful people used in the treatment.

Balls of shungite are presented in two types: matte and polished. The functions of the ball do not depend on this, be guided by your preferences. Unpolished balls have a pleasant slightly rough surface, they do not slip in the hands and are convenient for training, including beginners. Unpolished shungite will not stain your hands, will not leave stains on clothes and other objects.

You should have a shungite ball in your home or office if:

  • The emotional situation is unstable, negative energy prevails. To throw out negative emotions, it's enough to put your hand on the figure and feel the decrease of irritability;
  • You are near EM radiation;
  • Fast working capacity decreases;
  • In the room there is a person suffering from diseases;
  • Your job is to build a constructive dialogue;
  • You care about your health and want to reduce the risk of many known diseases.

A ball of shungite is a harmonizer of space, a source of health and longevity.


  • I'd been someone like disaster-person before I had a shungite sphere at home. Thank you for such an adorable gift!
    Sasha Hale
  • I've been looking for a present to my cousin's birthday and you gave me a great idea! Let Shungite sphere protect her of all the bad and brings happiness to her life!
    Céline Gerber
  • I'm a realistic man and don't believe in stone magic or something like that, but my wife believes, so I ordered a shungite sphere for her, we received it rather quickly and she was very glad. That's the most important to me, thank you!
    Maron de Rooij
  • I'm helding the meditation sessions with shungite polished spheres and would like to note that is a really strong thing!
    Lucas Nunner
  • Nice website, pleasant people and really magnificent production! I bought shungite spheres and can confirm their great healing effect!
    Ludwig Rosenstatter
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