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Shungit can be used as protection against electromagnetic fields of mobile phones, televisions, monitors. Shungit like absorbs all the bad, all harmful to humans and gives all the best. In Tolvuyskom farm in Karelia grown very large and tasty potatoes. This occurs because the land they have processed a scattering of small shungit. That is a potato grows directly shungit that contributes to its rapid growth. People use drugs and articles shungit. Such, for example, as shungit pyramid. Shungite Pyramid removes harmful radiation from electrical appliances. You can put a spirit spheres front of a computer monitor, you will be protected from electromagnetic radiation. You can put a pyramid near your bed, you'll sleep soundly. Such shungit sphere very helpful if you will be in geopathic zones, she collects bad energy, store and disseminate good. Improves the health of the people, improve their personal relationships. The same effect has Schungite pendulum-cone and ball shungit. For the disinfection of water, you take 100 grams shungite to 1 liter of water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove dust 2 days and insist you drink (water of life), which is similar in composition to the melt water.
Shungite unpolished sphere will have less beautiful view, but at the price will be cheaper, and their healing properties completely lost.

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