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Buy shungite spheres polished from Russia

Shungite ball - not just a beautiful figure for the house. Balls made of shungite can work wonders, it is worth working with them a little. They are used for the development of the hands and fingers, which affects the efficiency and development of the brain, and also as an antidepressant. Daily exercises help relieve stress and tension, maintain clarity of mind, and protect from negative influences.

Balls of a larger size that do not fit into the human palm are static, but continue to work for you. Shungite ball on the stand not only fits perfectly into any interior, but also harmonizes the space, protects from the geopathic effects of electromagnetic rays. Small figures are created for exercises, which are very easy to perform.

You can compress them a certain number of times, then roll between each other in a fist and rub between your palms. At the initial stage it is necessary to pick up balls of small size (2 balls of 3-4 cm) and gradually move to a larger size or more balls as the various techniques are developed. The duration of one session is at least ten minutes a day.

Such simple and pleasant activities will not only improve dexterity of hands and mindfulness, but also normalize blood circulation, relieve fatigue, activate points on the palms that are responsible for the work of individual organs or systems. Do not forget that the material shungite has a number of unique properties, so during exercise your body is fueled by the energy of the mineral.

Polished balls of shungite are ideal for people whose work is inextricably linked with the speed and agility of fingers (doctors, musicians, artists) and people suffering from diseases of the joints of the hands, as a recovery from injuries.



  • I'd been someone like disaster-person before I had a shungite sphere at home. Thank you for such an adorable gift!
    Sasha Hale
  • I've been looking for a present to my cousin's birthday and you gave me a great idea! Let Shungite sphere protect her of all the bad and brings happiness to her life!
    Céline Gerber
  • I'm a realistic man and don't believe in stone magic or something like that, but my wife believes, so I ordered a shungite sphere for her, we received it rather quickly and she was very glad. That's the most important to me, thank you!
    Maron de Rooij
  • I'm helding the meditation sessions with shungite polished spheres and would like to note that is a really strong thing!
    Lucas Nunner
  • Nice website, pleasant people and really magnificent production! I bought shungite spheres and can confirm their great healing effect!
    Ludwig Rosenstatter
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