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Buy shungite spheres polished from Russia

Many people have long known that a variety of stones, natural findings have some useful features, well, or vice versa. Scientists are still studying the new minerals, conduct experiments. But there is a more ancient minerals that are well known to all who help heal people and help in the treatment or prevention. To one of these minerals include "shungit." People have long "hunt" for him. Especially rich in them Karelia - Lake Onega. There it is particularly useful for centuries lain under water - it fills the vital energy of people, gives them strength. And the lake itself makes crystal clear.

Our site offers to order at Shungite polished sphere. For those who do not know what they are - can be explained.
Shungit in any form is very useful, even if the house is, as a souvenir. He will still make house only prosperity and a happy life. But since there are a variety of options to decorate the stone - we have created a polished sphere. They are very smooth and look beautiful. Their pleasure to hold in your hand. If you take a few pieces in hand, sit down, relax, and will cycle through them in your hands, you will tranquility, harmony and peace. You will forget about all the bad thoughts, can feel the interior comfort, forget about any failures. By doing so, you will feel how important you these minutes. After this procedure, you will walk with high spirits and good health.

Shungite polished spheres can be used as decoration of home or office, they will look great in a vase or simply used for interior decoration and design.


  • I'd been someone like disaster-person before I had a shungite sphere at home. Thank you for such an adorable gift!
    Sasha Hale
  • I've been looking for a present to my cousin's birthday and you gave me a great idea! Let Shungite sphere protect her of all the bad and brings happiness to her life!
    Céline Gerber
  • I'm a realistic man and don't believe in stone magic or something like that, but my wife believes, so I ordered a shungite sphere for her, we received it rather quickly and she was very glad. That's the most important to me, thank you!
    Maron de Rooij
  • I'm helding the meditation sessions with shungite polished spheres and would like to note that is a really strong thing!
    Lucas Nunner
  • Nice website, pleasant people and really magnificent production! I bought shungite spheres and can confirm their great healing effect!
    Ludwig Rosenstatter
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