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Shungite rubble

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Shungite is a natural stone that was created with unique geological and natural phenomena, when the nature of our planet was just beginning. This stone keeps in itself a centuries-old history and energy, literally the code of evolution of all living on our Earth. This mineral is not repeatable. Its useful properties are widely known as scientists, including Nobel laureates, and esotericists. The natural rough shungite contains huge energy and is convenient to use for various purposes.

Firstly, shungite is widely known as a mineral that cleanses and structures water. Daily consumption of such water, activates the work of the immune system, raises the energy tone, restores the composition of cells. Shungite of large fractions is well suited for cleaning well water, for the infusion of large amounts of water, for example, for baths, saunas, for drinking large families. Having a porous structure and a high degree of adhesion, chemical resistance, schungite is a unique sorbent. So it is able to purify water from oil products, pesticides, organic impurities, bacteria and even from heavy metals, oxidizing them and transferring them into insoluble form.

Secondly, shungite is widely applicable for spa treatments and stone therapy. This stone for a long time heats up, and then gives a long heat. Dry heat for therapeutic purposes is shown to all people suffering from diseases of the human musculoskeletal system. Shungite is used to treat radiculitis, weakness in muscles and joints, ligament damage, varicose veins and other vascular diseases. Warm uniform heat is used in relaxing, relaxing SPA procedures.

Thirdly, shungite is used in massage techniques, including self-massage. It is worth trying natural shanbit for feet feet massage, where there are special zones, each of which is responsible for the organ or even the system of the human body. Previously, people walked a lot barefoot and themselves without noticing that they performed foot massage and impact on energy points. Modern man is constantly in shoes, and our internal forces are in a "sleeping mode". Foot massage with a natural mineral will rediscover your vitality.

Finally, shungite has tremendous energy. If you keep it at home or near the house, it is guaranteed to save you from the negative impact of enemies, absorb all the negative effects. Shungite is also a way to protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic radiation from various kinds of electrical appliances, including Wi-Fi. Shungite is a stone of health. Take advantage of it and be healthy!


  • I heard that Shungite has a healing power and now after ordering a Shungite pyramid I understand that it’s true, it has become my home doctor.
    Lucy Cheng
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    Diana Potter
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    Ludwig Rosenstatter
  • Elite shungite has turned my life around by 180 degrees, you may not believe it, but after I got the water filter with elite 98% shungite my state of health has become better: I don't suffer from headache anymore and can go wherever I want and do all the activities I like.
    Veronica Ramirez
  • As soon as I learned how damaging mobile phones may be for us, I scared a lot for my kids who play it during almost the whole day. I started searching for the ways of radiation protection and found special plates from Karelian Shungite Factory. We made the order and received everything on time, hope it'll work. Thank you!
    Alanis Greatball
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