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Shungite rubble

 It has long been known for the wonderful effects of massage on the whole body, it improves the health of the body both internal and external. Massage beneficial effect on the neuro-muscular system, the blood and lymph vessels, the change in gas exchange processes. Separately, you can say about the therapeutic effects on the human body by massaging the feet. Massaging the feet is an influence on the reflex points of the foot, is stimulated and balance comes in the general condition of the internal organs and the organism as a whole. Shungite rubble and plays the role of foot massage, just a few minutes walk along the gravel shungite relieve pain in the feet. Walking on gravel shungite - this point massage of the feet. In the arch of the foot there is a huge concentration of points that correspond to the backbone, thus walking on gravel shungite medical procedure that helps in the treatment of diseases such as osteochondrosis, radiculitis. Improves overall health, improves sleep. Contraindication for lithotherapy is idiosyncrasy, tuberculosis, thrombosis. Before applying lithotherapy consult your doctor.


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