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Shungite powder 1000gr (0.1microns)2.2 lb

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Shungite powder 1000gr (0.1microns)2.2 lb

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Weight:1 Kg
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19.76 USD
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A natural mineral with an unusual structure and composition that provokes constant interest among scientists, researchers and users in various fields (construction, medicine, cosmetology, purification and filtration, paint and rubber industries and many others) is all about shungite. The mineral is processed to different states: from solid stones to fine powder.
The shungite powder has a particle size of about 0.1 μm. Due to the dispersion of the powder, its application area is very wide. Most often, the powder is used for the production of pastes, compresses, cosmetic masks, as well as in the production of rubber and rubber products, in the paint and varnish industry and as an additional food in agro-farms. There are two types of shungite: normal and elite. Their difference consists in the percentage of carbon (the usual aspidum contains a maximum of 64%, and in the elite one about 98%), respectively, the therapeutic, antibacterial and adsorptive properties of elite schungite are much higher. Special molecules - fullerenes affect the entire human body, namely: protect against harmful effects of free radicals, neutralize the effects of heavy metals, ammonia and nitrates. Even with a short contact of water with an aspid, the stone clears it of harmful impurities and enriches it with useful substances. Therefore, the properties of the powder from the elite schungite will also prevail over the ordinary, but this does not make the black aspid qualitatively lower. The choice of powder should come from the set goals.

Use of powder at home.
1. Preparation of the paste. Water and powder must be mixed in equal proportions, necessary for one procedure. Such a paste is able to relieve pain in the back, joints and injured areas; accelerates metabolic processes in the body, improves microcirculation of blood, nourishes tissues. Because of the ability of shungit rocks to bind free radicals that promote aging, the paste is applied to the face as an independent mask for rejuvenation and nutrition. Also, the paste is used as the basis for compressing degenerative-dystrophic inflammatory and post-traumatic ailments of the musculoskeletal system, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, myositis, rheumatic polyarthritis, the consequences of bone and joint injuries and the treatment of allergic and skin-allergic diseases.
2. For wellness baths. The powder is placed in a tissue pouch and rinses it in the collected water, then take a bath. Conducting a course of shungit baths will improve blood circulation, skin condition, and adjust the psycho-emotional state. Promotes faster healing of wounds, helps to cope with the fungus. On the preparation of one bath, on average, about 50gr of powder is needed.
3. Powder from elite shungite is often used to prepare "useful" water. Since its power is much higher, the rate of impurity absorption is faster, and water receives a mass of useful trace elements. Water is suitable for the treatment and prevention of the following diseases: dysfunction of the urinary system, central nervous system disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, gastritis and other stomach diseases, diabetes mellitus.


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    Veronica Ramirez
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    Alanis Greatball
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