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Shungite powder

What is Shungite powder, and for what purpose it is used? Shungite powder is a superb mineral that is used to fine condition. It is wonderful used for health purposes. Shungite powder is not toxic, in most cases does not cause side effects. It can be used with other drugs, or cosmetics. Contraindications for use shungite powder - little. It is not recommended to apply to people who have suffered a myocardial infarction, unstable angina, people suffering from hypertension of 2-3 degrees, as well as benign and malignant disease. Very good effect shungit gives, using saline baths, due to saturation globular carbon and other beneficial trace elements, shungite baths have a restorative effect on the body, eliminates swelling, reduces pain from burns, not excluding sunburn, delayed small cracks in the skin and sores accelerated recovery processes in the postoperative period. And even diminish the effects of stress, improve sleep. Shungite powder is also used for the preparation of special pastes. To this shungite powder thoroughly mixed with water to a creamy state. This type of pasta has antibacterial properties, improves blood circulation, improves metabolism, exerts warms impact. It can also be applied in a variety of inflammatory, allergic skin, degenerative disease, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritis and polyarthritis, injuries, bruises, sprains. Use the paste is very easy to do this, apply the paste on the affected area with a thin layer of the body, without erasing the skin from the top cover with a plastic bag and cover with a blanket. Shungite paste is left on the body of 30 minutes, and 1, 5 hours, and then washed off with water, or a cotton swab dipped in vegetable or olive oil. Before use, check with your doctor

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