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Unpolished pyramids

Buy shungite pyramids unpolished from Russia

Pyramids made of shungite are specially created for you so that you can protect yourself, your family or work team from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves and from geopathic exposure, which is formed most often as a result of technogenic human interference.

To maximize the effect of the pyramid, you must follow the easy rules for its location:

• the base of the figure lies on the line "north-south", defined by the compass;

• The pyramid is installed in a place of greater concentration of electromagnetic waves, on one level by a person, for example, on the desktop next to the computer or on the kitchen - next to the microwave oven.

• in places for rest and relaxation, for example, on the bedside table


How to choose the right pyramid?

Initially, you need to start from the size of the room where you are going to put the figure: do not put a large mascot in a small room and vice versa.

Pyramids of a larger size should be purchased if:

• There is a seriously ill person in the room who needs additional energy;

• The negative situation prevails in the family or at work;

• The room is filled with appliances (computers, TVs, microwave ovens, a constantly working Wi-Fi router).

In other cases, choose the appropriate size for the room. In the car you can place a figure with a width of the base from five to seven centimeters.


Charging the water.

In order to provide your family with pure water with healing properties, it needs to be recharged: place a small figure in a glass container and fill it with water, insist 2 days and eat. Water during this time gives all the harmful impurities, and shungite saturates it with useful trace elements. As a result of taking shungite water, immunity increases, headaches go off, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary system and bile ducts is balanced, the psychological and emotional state improves.



  • I bought a Shungite pyramid for a present to my friend Rebecca and I'm very satisfied with my choice – looks extraordinarily and brings some magic to her life.
    Mary McBrien
  • What a powerful thing! Shungite pyramid helped me to forget about insomnia, I'm so happy to have it at home!
    Luc Daniels
  • I heard that Shungite has a healing power and now after ordering a Shungite pyramid I understand that it’s true, it has become my home doctor.
    Lucy Cheng
  • Shungite pyramid is a wonderful gift! I believed in its cosmic energy when the relationships with my husband became much better, we were close to divorce 3 months ago and then after my mom gave us this little souvenir, we’ve been feeling a real harmony being together.
    Estelle Morris
  • I ordered a Shungite pyramid via this website and everything I can say to the company is "Thank you!". Fast delivery, qualitative service, beautiful and very useful goods. Keep on going!
    Thierry Hook
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