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What is electromagnetic radiation?

For sure, everyone has heard about the electromagnetic radiation that emits electrical appliances. But what does this actually mean? Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy representing electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are created by the electric and magnetic vibrations arising in atoms. Examples of electromagnetic radiation are light, radio waves, infrared and ultraviolet, as well as X-rays and gamma rays.

The human body is a biological system of molecules, united by an energy system that spends more than 50% of the energy to compensate for the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation, while about 40% of the energy is spent on eliminating the impact of poor quality water and food on the body. There remains a very small percentage of all other systems. Thus, electromagnetic radiation and the negative influence of the environment deplete our body, our energy system.

Real Threat

Staying on any continent, in a state of sleep or wakefulness, illness or health, a person is under the influence of electromagnetic radiation. We surrounded ourselves with various electronic things that help us live in a comfortable world, and we consider it safe. Forgetting the dangers invisible to our eye.

Not so long ago the World Health Organization gave its term defining the electromagnetic cloud that swept our planet - it's an "electromagnetic smog".

The main indicators of the fact that the body is experiencing serious loads from the effects of electromagnetic radiation are:

  • fatigue
  • sleep disorders
  • headache
  • hardness with concentration of attention
  • depression
  • memory impairment
  • irritability
  • hearing impairment
  • problems with skin
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • dizziness

Why does not everyone notice the health effects of electromagnetic radiation?

Skeptics will say that their life and health does not depend on electromagnetic radiation. But, perhaps, everyone noticed that even a day off in the city, in an environment of "electromagnetic smog" does not give us any rest. Modern man, even surrounded himself with a mass of useful electrical appliances capable of doing a lot of work, but more often we hear complaints about not passing fatigue, even after rest, apathy or even depression. Why did the syndrome of not passing fatigue become a scourge of modern man? After all, we have not experienced the physical exertions that many and many generations experienced before. Is this not explained by the fact that in a very short time the environment itself has radically changed? Do you remember the time when there was only one TV in the house, and the call on the personal wireless phone was the subject of a fantastic film?

If for a healthy person the effect of electromagnetic radiation is noticeable only by general fatigue, absent-mindedness and depression, then for people with weakened health, the effect of electromagnetic radiation is a catalyst for the development of the disease. Scientists have proved that the influence of electromagnetic waves leads to an imbalance of the whole organism, so in one this contributes to the development of hypertension, in the other - to cardiac arrhythmia, in the third - to peptic ulcer, in the fourth - to hormonal disorders, and hence to disruptions in the endocrine system. They wondered why there appeared whole epidemics of diseases, which, it would seem, can not be transferred from one to another? Such as autism, which only in the US has grown by 273 percent over the past decade! Electromagnetic radiation covers the entire body, affecting each of its cells, destroying DNA strands and the immune system, changing the course of natural metabolic processes, leading to inability to remove toxins from the body, which can lead to serious diseases.

Another example is the research of scientists who connect life near power lines with numerous diseases, including cancer. In 2008, R.M. Lowenthal in Hobart, Australia, conducted a study on the incidence of cancer and the impact of power lines. The results showed that the risk of developing a serious illness increased by 106% for people who lived within 50 meters of the power line, compared to those who lived 300 meters away.

Modern life

Modern life can no longer be imagined without modern capabilities and technologies. Each person has TV, mobile phone, microwave oven, laptop and much more and it would be strange to give up all this. However, we all want as long as possible to stay healthy and vigorous, not to undergo constant testing for strength from the environment wherever we are, to be calm for our children and our loved ones.

Even if we abandoned electrical appliances, then power lines and waves of Wi-Fi removed from any locality is simply impossible! Scientists have found the answer to this question: the natural mineral shungite. Plates of shungite stone helps to shield, weaken the effect of electromagnetic waves, without affecting the performance of the appliance. That is, do not be afraid that the technique when using shungite will fail or fail. The shungite plate can interact with any electronic device that is in your home or office.

How this mineral works?

As you know, this shungite has electrical conductivity, and it is easy to check at home using a tester. The electrically conductive shungite is able to shield electromagnetic radiation of ultrahigh frequencies, which emits, for example, a microwave oven. The effectiveness of shungite in this matter has been proved laboratory, in rats. Rodents are used as models in medical testing because their genetic, biological characteristics and behavior remind people. Animal blood studies showed that when using shungite stone, the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation is noticeably lower than in the absence of a plate. Screening is carried out by reflection and absorption in the mineral of an electromagnetic wave. If the screen works as a reflector, then its thickness can be very small. But for an absorbing screen - the thicker, the better its effectiveness. For the radiation of microwave ovens (or ultrahigh-frequency radiation), reflective screens are most effective, that is, a sufficiently thin shungite plate attached directly to the electrical appliance, so that the mineral takes on the radiation waves.

Shungite plates are used for:

  • TV
  • Audio Systems
  • Laptops
  • Microwaves
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Sockets
  • Electricity Meters
  • Monitors
  • Conditioners
  • and much more

The study of shungite plates shows that when interacting with electromagnetic radiation, this stone suppresses electromagnetic radiation by more than 70%! Shungite plates are easy to use: you just need to attach the shungite to the cover of the device with an adhesive side. No additional manipulation or activation is required.

Take advantage of modern technology and be healthy!

The same mechanism works for other electrical appliances, sockets, energy meters, air conditioners, Wi-Fi routers, telephones and all that emits electromagnetic waves.


  • I worry for the safety and health of my family that's why I ordered protective plates for the mobile phones of all my family members, and I'm absolutely proud that there are such inventions in the world.
    Robert Flipp
  • I think everyone should have such a protective plate on the phone, that's a health care and a conscious choice!
    Dana Stivens
  • My husband presented me a protective plate for the phone made of shungite and it looks really amazing! I appreciate his care so much!
    Molly Shuster
  • As soon as I learned how damaging mobile phones may be for us, I scared a lot for my kids who play it during almost the whole day. I started searching for the ways of radiation protection and found special plates from Karelian Shungite Factory. We made the order and received everything on time, hope it'll work. Thank you!
    Alanis Greatball
  • I've experienced the cosmic power of shungite stones and realized that it is a great nature source of energy. I'm using it in different ways, it helps me to cure, to meditate, to improve all aspects of my life, and even a special shungite plate is on my phone, which protects me from cancer.
    Felik Mantry
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