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Whiskey Stones

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Whiskey Stones

Product code:whst
Weight:0.23 Kg
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Steatite or, in other words, soapstone - it's environmentally friendly natural material that is used by different people for centuries, for example, for the manufacture of cookware. This is a non-porous material that does not absorb any flavors or odors. In this case, it is soft enough to resist the process and it does not scratch the glass or bowl. In addition, soapstone is chemically inert, that is, does not enter into any reaction with drinks, food, water, alcohol or detergents.

As it turned out, the ideal temperature whiskey - 18-20 degrees Celsius. It was at this temperature for a drink fully reveals its rich taste. Most above room temperature - 22-25 degrees, and this means that prior to use whiskey requires little cooling. It is in the small. I ask you to pay attention to it.

The fact that the ice is definitely cool and better and faster, but these properties are much more useful, provided that you have to drink at very low temperatures, we are these qualities were more likely to harm. In addition, many of us have often noticed, using the services of restaurants and bars that after the ice in a glass with a drink residue remains. Naturally all the fault of water from which the ice doing, but without it the drink itself becomes less interesting as the melting of ice changes as taste and quality of the fortress of whiskey.

Many might wonder why instead of special stones for whiskey can not be used, for example, granite. The point is that sometimes you can see in the sale of Chinese granite stones for whiskey, they are cheaper, but, as it turned out, carry more harm than good. First, granite emits radiation. Second, granite is a porous stone, and therefore absorbs the flavors, smells and disease-causing organisms. For this reason it is best to use the original whiskey stones, safety and quality are tested and proven.

Before you use the stones, wash them in warm water, then put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. The fact that the steatite as heated and cooled very long. But precisely because of this their quality, the drink will delight you with its unique taste not 5-10 minutes and an hour, without the need for additional cooling.
Add stones should drink in a ratio: 2-3 stones per 50 ml of whiskey. The set is 9 stones, so that's enough for both you and your friends.

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