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Plate for vegetables and fruits (polished)

extracts certain pollutants from vegetables and fruits and prolongs their shelf life
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Plate for vegetables and fruits (polished)

extracts certain pollutants from vegetables and fruits and prolongs their shelf life
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Weight:0.3 Kg
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Shungite is a universal natural mineral, containing a large number of chemical elements, fullerene and silicate base. Shungite molecules possess bipolar properties that help it to easily form bonds with heterogeneous bodies.
The areas of application of shungite are very diverse: construction, medicine, cosmetology and many others. The unique carbon composition ensures the absorption of toxins, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals, radionuclides, microbes and bacteria.
Let us briefly consider the nature of these substances. Toxins are a biological poison that can accumulate in the body and disrupt the operation of all systems. They have a disastrous effect on red blood cells, thereby weakening biochemical processes. Toxins accumulate in the body due to stress, frequent consumption of harmful food, smoking and insufficient oxygen in the air.
Electromagnetic radiation penetrates the human body with the help of mobile phones and household appliances and discourages the full operation of biological systems, which also leads to various diseases. Heavy metals (from a biological point of view) are substances that pollute the biosphere (nickel, mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.). They affect the body regardless of the way of life of a person. Distributed by car manufactures and exhaust fumes, incineration of waste, fluorescent lighting, non-recyclable waste.
Unfortunately, the environmental situation in the world is alarming. After all, the products that humanity consumes are not grown in the best of conditions. Pollution of the world's ocean, soil and air affects the quality and chemical composition of vegetables, fish and meat. Therefore, it is necessary to use available means to improve the performance of food products.
Shungite plate can become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. Due to its ion-exchange properties, it extracts certain contaminants from the products. Another advantage is that by placing products on shungite tiles, you can extend their shelf life. Spend an experiment at home, for example, with fruit and see for yourself. The food, having passed "processing" shungit, sates the person with smaller amount, due to what the weight is normalized. According to its chemical properties, shungite is an oxidizing agent, which means that it can be used to purify alcohols and clarify wines.

  • I ordered shungite tile from Karelian Factory and can say only thankful words about the service! My order was delivered in time and I could build a workspace for my lovely daughter.
    Steven Sims
  • That's a gift of destiny – shungite tile decorated my house and improved all my life aspects, I deeply believe in its magic!
    Pablo Mestre Segarra
  • I never thought that there could be something so powerful… We bought shungite tile for decoration of our living room on the village, and I noticed that our family became closer to each other, there is such a warm atmosphere now that was never before. Thank you!
    Marcel Schlueter
  • I always wanted to meet my man, a close person, that I can trust and love… and to be loved too… And, you know, my dream came true after shungite stone entered my life. I ordered the tile to use at my kitchen design, and as it could be in a romantic movie, a man who brought the boxes into my house turned out to be my destiny!
    Laura Casado
  • My son has become much more healthier and almost never catches a cold, and that's all thanks to your shungite tile.
    Amy Tribe
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