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"Scorpio" shungite pendant zodiak (The Scorpion)

Hand engraving
Weight: 0.01 Kg
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"Scorpio" shungite pendant zodiak (The Scorpion)

Hand engraving
Product code:
Weight:0.01 Kg
Availability:In Stock
2 pcs. - 5 pcs. 4.17 USD / pcs.
6 pcs. - 10 pcs. 4.08 USD / pcs.
11 pcs. - 20 pcs. 4.00 USD / pcs.
from 21 pcs. 3.91 USD / pcs.
4.67 USD
4.30 USD

"Scorpio" shungite pendant zodiak (The Scorpion)


Born under the zodiac sign Scorpio, always follow their image, they love fine things, they have their own unique style and sense of taste. They like a variety of accessories and unusual ornaments. At the same time, attentive to details and details.

If you have to make a gift to the Scorpio, then, perhaps, a win-win option will be a suspension of a unique mineral shungite with an engraving in the form of a Scorpio sign. Such a gift will not go unnoticed and obviously will suit the discerning Scorpio. Especially Scorpios are always attentive to the value of gifts. Shungite is the rarest mineral that is mined only in the north of Russia, in the heart of Karelia, in Zaonezhie. The stone was formed 2 billion years ago, back in the Precambrian period, but modern science learned about its medicinal properties only a few centuries ago. Modern studies confirm that this is not only an elegant stone of elegant black color, but also a real source of positive energy, which has healing, magical and astrological features.
Pendants with Zodiac signs have firmly become fashionable and will remain in vogue forever. Refined Scorpions, well versed in the new trends, will certainly appreciate such an ornament. Shungite pendant is suitable for many magnificent images and will please its healing properties. A pendant with a scorpion is a universal accessory, suitable for any one. It can become a talisman that brings good luck, or simply be an elegant decoration, reminiscent of the attention of the giver.

Inclined to mysticism Scorpions will appreciate the magical properties of shungite, which due to its venerable age has powerful energy and is used as a guard and protector against any negative impact.


  • A shungite pendant has become my talisman, I've been wearing it since 2015 and deeply believe in its protection.
    Olivia Roorbach
  • I read a lot about shungite stone and its healing power and decided to surprise my mom with a shungite pendant. Thank you for delivery of this wonderful thing)) My mom was very happy! Soon I'll make another order!
    Jana Steinbrecher
  • I ordered a shungite pendant for my girlfriend, she appreciated a lot and we both noticed some special lovely atmosphere around when she is wearing it. Thanks for such a magic!
    Jan Lorenz
  • My mom brought shungite pendants for me and my sister, and we’ve never seriously argued or quarreled since that day. I believe in its power.
    Michelle Wernicke
  • Since I put on the shungite pendant I stopped suffer from breathing problems, I felt relaxed and quiet, discovered some super strength in all my body. I love that feeling and would l to share all of you this secret!
    Meggy Dillien
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