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"Cancer " shungite pendant zodiak (The Crab)

Hand engraving
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"Cancer " shungite pendant zodiak (The Crab)

Hand engraving
Product code:
Weight:0.01 Kg
Availability:In Stock
2 pcs. - 5 pcs. 4.17 USD / pcs.
6 pcs. - 10 pcs. 4.08 USD / pcs.
11 pcs. - 20 pcs. 4.00 USD / pcs.
from 21 pcs. 3.91 USD / pcs.
4.67 USD
4.30 USD


"Cancer " shungite pendant zodiak (The Crab)
An incurable romantic - cancer, like no other, needs love and care. However, Cancers often seem mysterious people whose thoughts are not easy to guess. Therefore, to choose a gift for Cancer is not so easy!

Cancers are able to fantasize unrestrainedly, their imagination is amazing. How can you do without the realization of your mental images in reality? Add more to this emotionality and sensitivity and you will get an incredible cocktail that fills the soul of a real creator. To please such a complex nature is capable only of an extraordinary gift, combining beauty and filled with meaning. The pendant of the mystic black shungite stone is able to surprise Cancer.

The magic properties of schungite have long been doubted by no one, and the breed itself is one of the oldest that can be found on our planet. The age of the stone is more than two billion years. Moreover, the energy of the shungite is clean, not "contaminated" with human vices. For Cancer shungite is the source of strength. Shungite helps Cancers strengthen his position in society, deserve praise and respect. In material terms, shungite also has the peculiarity of attracting money. Cancer with shungite will be able to prevail in any most difficult situation. Water signs, which include Cancer, receive from shungit force through which they can subordinate the will of other people.

The curative properties of schungite are truly amazing. Scientists in the late 20 th century partly explained the reasons for the healing effect of schungite. As it turned out, this mineral mainly consists of carbon, a significant part of which is represented by spherical molecules - fullerenes. It is established that fullerene, located in the shungite, is the most powerful and long-acting natural antioxidant and the key to longevity.

Shungite pendant of exquisite black color with engraving of the sign of the zodiac will please the uneasy nature of Cancer, flatter it to the brightest feelings and help to keep the owner of the gift his mental strength, increasing his potential


  • A shungite pendant has become my talisman, I've been wearing it since 2015 and deeply believe in its protection.
    Olivia Roorbach
  • I read a lot about shungite stone and its healing power and decided to surprise my mom with a shungite pendant. Thank you for delivery of this wonderful thing)) My mom was very happy! Soon I'll make another order!
    Jana Steinbrecher
  • I ordered a shungite pendant for my girlfriend, she appreciated a lot and we both noticed some special lovely atmosphere around when she is wearing it. Thanks for such a magic!
    Jan Lorenz
  • My mom brought shungite pendants for me and my sister, and we’ve never seriously argued or quarreled since that day. I believe in its power.
    Michelle Wernicke
  • Since I put on the shungite pendant I stopped suffer from breathing problems, I felt relaxed and quiet, discovered some super strength in all my body. I love that feeling and would l to share all of you this secret!
    Meggy Dillien
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