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Pendant round 2.56 USD Pendant cut 2.56 USD Pendant rectangle 2.56 USD Pendant trapeze 2.56 USD Pendant triangle A 2.56 USD Pendant triangle B 2.56 USD Petal Pendant 2.56 USD Pendant Bell 2.56 USD Pendant with different shapes 2.82 USD "Scorpio" shungite pendant zodiak (The Scorpion) 3.20 USD "Leo" shungite pendant zodiak (The Lion) 3.20 USD "Virgo" shungite pendant zodiak (The Maiden) 3.20 USD "Aries" shungite pendant zodiak (The Ram) 3.20 USD "Taurus" shungite pendant zodiak (The Bull) 3.20 USD "Gemini" shungite pendant zodiak (The Twins) 3.20 USD "Cancer " shungite pendant zodiak (The Crab) 3.20 USD "Libra" shungite pendant zodiak (The Scales) 3.20 USD "Sagittarius" shungite pendant zodiak (The Archer) 3.20 USD "Capricorn" shungite pendant zodiak (The Goat Mountain) 3.20 USD "Aquarius" shungite pendant zodiak (The Water-bearer) 3.20 USD "Pisces" shungite pendant zodiak (The Fish) 3.20 USD Elite shungite pendant 3.84 USD Pendant Hammer 3.84 USD Keychain trapeze 3.84 USD Pendant Half-moon 3.84 USD Keychain round 3.84 USD Pendant circle in circle 3.84 USD Pendant rectangle with elite shungite 3.84 USD Pendant cut with elite shungite 3.84 USD Pendant Men's force 3.84 USD Pendant Women's strength 3.84 USD Pendant "Crystal" 3.84 USD Pendant "Rhombus" 3.84 USD Pendant "Wedge" 3.84 USD Pendant Eclipse 3.84 USD Pendant "Different shape" with elite shungite 3.84 USD Pendant tumbling 4.74 USD Pendant Afrodite 4.74 USD Energy pendant from the elite shungite 5.13 USD Pendant Sun 5.13 USD Pendant hexagon 5.51 USD Keychain tumbling 6.41 USD Pendant hexagon + elite shungite 7.43 USD Cone pendant 8.97 USD

Buy shungite pendants from Russia

Exquisite black mineral shungite - it fits all. A strict and well-defined silhouette of regular forms with the inscriptions of different symbols will emphasize any, even the most refined image. The main thing is to decide the choice.

A pendant with a zodiac sign is a good gift for yourself or a person close to you. For each sign of the zodiac has its own symbol and its explanation, in which cases to wear a shungite pendant, here everything is strictly individual.

Shungite pendants of different shapes without images - this is a creative challenge or an appeal to write your story, fantasize, make from the pendant a real magic amulet that will serve only you.

More information about the amulet: https://shungit-factory.com/about-shungit/36-shungite-amulets

And here: https://shungit-factory.com/about-shungit/66-ornaments-made-of-shungite

Also developed a line with well-known symbols and forms: hearts, months, petals, rhombuses, trapezoids  or natural form. Study each form and symbolism. Remember that shungite is not only a stone for beauty. It greatly multiplies your aspirations, directing energy.

It is especially worth noting the pendants with the addition of the elite shungite. Its value can be compared to gold: it is rare in nature and has a unique composition. Some specimens bring great pleasure to collectors, some rare trophy of a kind. This mineral contains about 98% of carbon, so it differs somewhat in its metallic luster.

The shungite pendant is also a health stone harmonizing the space near the swami, positively influencing the energy and emotional background, reflecting the negative impact, including absorbing electromagnetic radiation and any negative impact directed against you. A little secret of protection, which others see only as a beautiful decoration.




  • A shungite pendant has become my talisman, I've been wearing it since 2015 and deeply believe in its protection.
    Olivia Roorbach
  • I read a lot about shungite stone and its healing power and decided to surprise my mom with a shungite pendant. Thank you for delivery of this wonderful thing)) My mom was very happy! Soon I'll make another order!
    Jana Steinbrecher
  • I ordered a shungite pendant for my girlfriend, she appreciated a lot and we both noticed some special lovely atmosphere around when she is wearing it. Thanks for such a magic!
    Jan Lorenz
  • My mom brought shungite pendants for me and my sister, and we’ve never seriously argued or quarreled since that day. I believe in its power.
    Michelle Wernicke
  • Since I put on the shungite pendant I stopped suffer from breathing problems, I felt relaxed and quiet, discovered some super strength in all my body. I love that feeling and would l to share all of you this secret!
    Meggy Dillien
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