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Shungite bracelet (d-12mm) on elastic 17 pieces

Circumference approx. 195 mm (7.7 inches)
Weight: 0.04 Kg
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21.69 17.44 USD

Shungite bracelet (d-12mm) on elastic 17 pieces

Circumference approx. 195 mm (7.7 inches)
Product code:
Weight:0.04 Kg
Availability:In Stock
21.69 USD
17.44 USD


Shungite bracelet (d-12mm) on elastic 17 pieces.

Shungite bracelet on elastic d-10mmMany have heard about the unusual stone - shungite. Someone hears about it for the first time. This stone became famous thanks to many healing qualities which he carries. This mineral is mined in Karelia. In the place where a lot of forests, where the air is fresh and pleasant. It was here was born this wonderful mineral.
Shungite not so long ago began to be used as widely in the world. Earlier unit knew about it, now everyone he can appreciate. It has become more affordable, but because the amount of it is not unlimited, it has a weighty price. Now it is made as a variety of souvenirs: pyramids, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cubes. People are trying to buy it and put it in the most prominent place or permanently carry.
Until now, scientists have conducted research on this unusual stone. Raises many controversial issues, but what exactly is that thanks to him, many were treated for all kinds of diseases, shungit brought into the house of love and happiness. Those who always carry with them, experiencing around the incredible luck.

Shungite bracelet on elasticBracelets, like many other decorations, have the following properties:
-Improves Mood
- energizes
- Improves Performance
- It brings good luck
This bracelet is better to wear on a regular basis. It is suitable for any kind of clothing. So, on our site you can choose an appropriate shape and size. Every customer will find exactly what he wanted so much. Bracelets are ideal as a gift, since it is not only beautiful decoration but also a healing stone.Shungite bracelets
Perhaps many are not yet open, but the pros have a lot of this mineral. You can not find even a stone that is even slightly similar to shungite. He's such a unique one.



  • I wear my shungite bracelet with a great pleasure! It reminds me of my angel protecting me =)
    Sophia Tan
  • A bracelet made of Karelian shungite stones looks pretty good and creates an adorable image - i love it!!!
    Mariya Zaitseva
  • I bought shungite bracelets for all my friends - that's become the symbol of our connection and friendship forever)
    Jana Steinbrecher
  • I was absolutely happy to find this website - I ordered gifts for my lovely little cousins: 2 shungite bracelets, i wish it helps the girls to be healthy, wealthy and happy!
    Salika Khadka
  • The shungite bracelet helped me feel better and more optimistic about the future.. it really has something magical inside!
    Martina Schönberger
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