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Beads(d-6mm)-67 pieces

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Beads(d-6mm)-67 pieces

Product code:055
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Shungite beads(d-6mm)-67 pieces
Shungite beads d-8 mmShungite stone is a mineral that is known for its incredible healing properties since ancient times. He also produced a unique deposit, which is located only on the territory of the Russian Federation.
As for decorations such as beads shungite, they also have unique properties. Necklaces of shungite required to protect its owner from such hazards as electromagnetic and geopathic zones. Thanks shungit jewelry from normal human emotional state as a whole, that is, eliminate the aggression and nervousness.
In addition, we find the site you need even modern fashion people because shungite beads are perfect for any stylish image. In addition, they are an excellent tool in the recovery of all vital organs and overcome the depressed state. With wearing this jewelery rejuvenation of the female organs. After two weeks of wearing beads shungite improves performance of the hormonal system, as well as renal, cardiovascular and nervous systems.Shungite bedas
Apart from the fact that the beads from shungite contribute to the prevention of many diseases, they also treat various diseases. From this we can conclude that this decoration, perfect as a gift for the second half for any holiday. After shungite beads are not only beautiful, but also very healing.

  • I wear my shungite bracelet with a great pleasure! It reminds me of my angel protecting me =)
    Sophia Tan
  • A bracelet made of Karelian shungite stones looks pretty good and creates an adorable image - i love it!!!
    Mariya Zaitseva
  • I bought shungite bracelets for all my friends - that's become the symbol of our connection and friendship forever)
    Jana Steinbrecher
  • I was absolutely happy to find this website - I ordered gifts for my lovely little cousins: 2 shungite bracelets, i wish it helps the girls to be healthy, wealthy and happy!
    Salika Khadka
  • The shungite bracelet helped me feel better and more optimistic about the future.. it really has something magical inside!
    Martina Schönberger
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