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Tumbled Shungite bracelet on elastic 6.90 USD Shungite bracelet (d-8mm) on elastic 24 pieces 8.20 USD Shungite bracelet "Flat ball" (d-6mm) on elastic 31 pieces 8.90 USD Shungite Oval bracelet on elastic 9.90 USD Shungite bracelet (d-10mm) on elastic 19 pieces 10.00 USD Shungite tumbled beads 12.60 USD Shungite bracelet (d-12mm) on elastic 17 pieces 13.00 USD Beads cubes 45 pieces 15.00 USD Beads(d-8mm)-53 pieces 17.20 USD Shungite oval beads 20.00 USD Shungite beads(d-10mm)-40 pieces 24.00 USD Shungite Beads(d-12mm)-35 pieces 26.20 USD Elite shungite bracelet (d-12mm) on elastic 17 pieces 64.00 USD Big beads (d-16mm) 70.00 USD

Buy shungite necklaces and bracelets from Russia

Have you heard the phrase "Beauty requires sacrifice"? Most often in this case we are talking about beautiful, but harmful to health things that are suggested to "endure" in pursuit of fashion. Modern people, relying on common sense, are increasingly seeking for such deceptive beauty. We say that beauty can be not only pleasant for our aesthetic perception, but true beauty, is also filled with inner energy. This is called harmony, when both form and content merge into one.

Bracelets and beads made of shungite have such a rich harmony.

The presented products of shungite perfectly complement your image. Black strict laconic color is suitable for absolutely any style: from ultra-modern and youth to strict classical. You can choose large or small beads, round or natural natural shape. The bracelets are made in such a way that they will be the size of each, as the beads are strung on a strong elastic cord. And for the beads an elegant clasp is provided, which will save you from the problem of choice by size. These decorations are suitable for everyone.

Bracelets and beads are made from real Karelian shungite from the Zazhoginsky deposit and each bead has a powerful energy capable of supporting the psycho-emotional state of a person in a tonus, delaying all the negative accumulated during a day, relieve tension, fatigue. Shungite - the strongest rejuvenating agent, which, among other things, concentrates on itself and reflects both the negative energetic promises of ill-wishers, and the electromagnetic radiation that comes from modern electrical appliances. The oldest mineral will be your amulet, helper, friend. You yourself will be surprised when you notice that after a while after constantly wearing shungite jewelry your life will start to change for the better, first of all it will affect your health and vitality. Beauty does not require sacrifice. Beauty is the harmonious energy that you surround yourself with. Let it only benefit!



  • I wear my shungite bracelet with a great pleasure! It reminds me of my angel protecting me =)
    Sophia Tan
  • A bracelet made of Karelian shungite stones looks pretty good and creates an adorable image - i love it!!!
    Mariya Zaitseva
  • I bought shungite bracelets for all my friends - that's become the symbol of our connection and friendship forever)
    Jana Steinbrecher
  • I was absolutely happy to find this website - I ordered gifts for my lovely little cousins: 2 shungite bracelets, i wish it helps the girls to be healthy, wealthy and happy!
    Salika Khadka
  • The shungite bracelet helped me feel better and more optimistic about the future.. it really has something magical inside!
    Martina Schönberger
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