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Protective plate for mobile phone with glue unpolished (round) 1.89 USD Pendant cut with elite shungite 4.28 USD Pyramid unpolished 6x6cm (2.36x2.36 inches) 4.61 USD Shungite Merkaba Small 2x2 cm 6.56 USD Elite shungite pendant 6.66 USD Cube shungite polished 5x5cm 6.72 USD Energy pendant from the elite shungite 7.41 USD Tester for testing the electrical conductivity of shungite 9.84 USD Sphere polished 5cm (1,97 inches) 10.69 USD Shungite bracelet (d-8mm) on elastic 24 pieces 10.94 USD Pyramid polished 7x7cm (2.76x2.76 inches) 12.30 USD Shungite Merkaba 16.89 USD Beads(d-8mm)-53 pieces 22.92 USD Beads(d-6mm)-67 pieces 23.94 USD Pyramid polished 10x10cm (3.94x3.94 inches) 29.93 USD Elite shungite powder 100 gr (0.1-0.2microns) 0.2 lb 34.20 USD Set of bath (Elite shungite) 52.20 USD

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Shungite is your personal doctor and quick assistant, which should be in every home.

Treatment with shungit

Planet Earth is our common home, uniting thousands of different living beings that have been harmoniously coexisting for millions of years. The natural world on our planet is diverse and unique. Human is also an integral part of the world, but in his way, has already gone far from harmonious relationships with nature and is building his detached, modernized life. Human has ensured a comfortable existence, which is an incomparable plus, but at the cost of large-scale activity have become irreversible changes in the state of the biosphere, at least, pollution from the underwater world to near-Earth space. Humanity is subject to a large number of diseases, despite the constant development of medicine. Practically there are no healthy people over forty, so calls for the normalization of the Earth's ecological situation sound much more often. People have a responsibility to regain their ability to exist in harmony with nature. That is why, we will consider ways of using a natural remedy for shungite treatment.

Shungite water

The world learned about the medicinal properties of shungite and the content of unique globules - fullerenes from Soviet scientists who studied the unique mineral in the University of Arizona. Medical workers have long sought the areas of application of shungite stone and shungite water and have drawn up a list of diseases for the prevention and treatment of which the unique Karelian stone will help. These are diseases of the central nervous system, urinary system, allergies of various types, gastritis, diabetes, asthma, gastric bladder diseases, low immunity, colds, etc.

One of the main ways of using the mineral for medicinal purposes is water, which is infused into the shungite stone. Shungite water is a colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, which belong to a new generation of drugs with a multifaceted effect on the body. An example of the impact on the body are studies that have shown a lowering of the level of histamine in the blood, which leads to a minimization of allergic reactions. The purification of water under the action of a mineral is due to the chemical activity of shungite: all organic impurities in the liquid under its influence decompose to simple oxides, and insoluble residues - translates into a water residue. In addition to purification, a so-called water activation reaction occurs-the liquid is saturated with useful macro- and microelements components (calcium, magnesium salts, etc.) in the optimal concentration for humans. Artificial filters, in turn, remove together with harmful impurities and beneficial substances. Filters for cleaning water based on shungite steel were produced in Russia relatively recently - in 1991. The water passed through the shungite filter has a general healing effect on the body, removes irritations, itching, rashes, restores the shine of the hair, is effective in vegetative-vascular dystonia, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney stones.

Healing shungite water can be prepared at home by himself, following several points: before the first use, the mineral must be thoroughly washed, then placed in a container and poured with water, let it infuse for two days and pour water into another container, leaving a layer of water about four centimeters on the bottom, since it contains harmful impurities and insoluble residues. In order for shungite water to retain its natural cluster structures for a long time, it is necessary to have a constant presence in it of at least minimal structure-forming factor - fullerenes. To do this, it is sufficient to put one small piece of shungite crushed stone into the filtered shungite water.

Insist water can be practically on any kind of shungite: rubble, individual pieces of ordinary or elite mineral, small figures.

Skin diseases

To treat skin diseases (with the permission of a doctor), such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis - shungite paste will do. It is prepared independently on the basis of shungite powder and water, to achieve a better effect, you can use powder of elite shungite. To make a paste, mix the powder with warm water until creamy consistency and apply to the inflamed skin area, covering the mass with polyethylene and a soft cloth. The procedure can take from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the original problem. Paste is washed off with warm water. For an integrated approach, use shungite water for washing.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and traumatic skin lesions.

For complex treatment of a number of diseases of bones and joints, as well as varicose veins and various skin lesions, compresses are recommended. Their composition can be very different: from anesthetic ointments to herbal infusions. But consider compresses based on shungite water or paste.

Prepare the paste in the above way, wrap it in a cloth and put it on the sore spot for about an hour and a half, also wrapping the wrap with a plastic wrap and a towel (if a warming effect is needed). Such procedures have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and analgesic effect, accelerate the healing of wounds and eliminate skin peeling.

If you need to affect the entire body, such as a large number of wounds or joint pain, the shungite baths will help you. To prepare it, you need only 300 grams of shungite (rubble, pieces, figurines) put in hot water for 10 minutes, then squeeze and take a bath of the temperature you want. The course of treatment is 15 procedures that are performed every other day. Therapeutic baths promote the fastest healing on the body of various abrasions, wounds, postoperative sutures.


An amazing analgesic property of shungite is used to remove blocks in the back and reduce swelling of the legs. For the massage, shungite rubble, elite shungite and balls are chosen. For the procedure, the stones are heated and applied to a specific area of ​​the body, combining with a massage. The technique of independent foot massage is also known, for which you can use a ball, rolling it with your feet for 10 to 15 minutes or using pebbles: it is heated and placed on a sheet of cardboard, then it stands up and is slightly shifted from foot to foot. Such an effect on the reflex zones of the foot contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, reduces swelling of the legs and eliminates pain in the muscles and joints, and also increases efficiency, relieves fatigue and charges vivacity.


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