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Earrings and Pendant Rose

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Earrings and Pendant Rose

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brass material, a metal-plated


Set: pendant and earrings "Rose"
Rose is called the queen of flowers. This is a complex floral symbol, which is incredibly popular. Why? The rose has two opposite meanings. It symbolizes both heavenly perfection, and earthly passion, time and eternity, life and death. According to the legend, a rose is a paradise flower, which has gained its protection - thorns, after the human fall.
The rose flower, as a pattern, is a symbol of sensuality, a symbol of the heart, of romantic and divine love. And the petals of roses personify tenderness or even elimination of obstacles - a road strewn with rose petals is the way to a new serene life full of all blessings.
In ancient Greece, the rose is the emblem of the goddess of love of Aphrodite, as well as the emblem of the Sun and the morning dawn (Aurora). She was considered one of the attributes of the ancient Greek god Dionysus, the goddess Hecate and the Muses. Rose is also a symbol of perfection, and the shape of its half-dissolved bud became the cup image with the elixir of eternal life.
The complex symbolism of the rose flower is supplemented and amplified by one of the most ancient minerals on earth, shungite. Shungite beads emphasize the elegance of ornaments, balancing them.
Jewelry with the addition of shungite fit any sign of the zodiac, since shungite is not attached to a separate sign, strengthening positive vibrations, eliminates all negative. Do not forget that schungite is a wonderful doctor who will help cope with pain, reduce unpleasant negative effects on the body environment. Shungite helps to cope with stress, gives confidence and strength in the most difficult situations.
Also shungite shields from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Shungite is a rare and unusual stone that is mined in the north-west of Russia and even the most sophisticated women of fashion will turn their attention to a unique mineral that can attract the views of others and keep the attention of the person who wears it for a long time.

  • I've got the earrings of shungite this morning! They are really amazing, it made my day!
    Meggy Dillien
  • I believe in magical power of stones, that's why I ordered shungite earrings from Karelian Shungite Factory. The cost is rather cheap so everyone can afford such accessories, and it is absolutely worth buying - strong energy, healing effect and nice view! I do recommend!
    Vanessa Gsell
  • I bought shungite accessories for my wife and she looks fantastic wearing it! Best recommendations!
    Kumar Kannan
  • Shungite earrings and pendant look magnificently, I bought it last year from your shop and now I'm going to choose something for my sister
    Ewa Senderowicz
  • Thank you for making beautiful jewelry with shungite stone and sharing it with us! I always look at it with genuine admiration!))
    Nina McCoy
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