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The icon of Seraphim Sorovsky 10x15x1сm

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The icon of Seraphim Sorovsky 10x15x1сm

Product code:111
Weight:0.28 Kg
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13.83 USD

Seraphim Sorovsky

The world of material things, daily surrounding us, can say a lot about people. In the house of each believing family, as a rule, there is an iconostasis for domestic prayers. But sometimes, Orthodox masters do not know how it is better to arrange new icons for their home, lamps, candlesticks. After all, the icon, first of all, is sacred, but also a product that has its own form, form, price. The product should provide aesthetic pleasure, be reliable and durable. Therefore, recently, icons from shungite - a unique, noble mineral, which is famous for its healing and purifying properties, are popular. The images of the Holy Image on the shungite are a wonderful guard not only spiritual, but also physical health.

Images in Orthodoxy do not have a purely decorative function. They help the believers to direct all spiritual forces to prayer, for man's thoughts are easily distracted. In order to understand well the significance of the icon of Seraphim Sorovsky, one must get acquainted with his life.

Heavenly patron, at birth - Prokhor, was born in 1759, in Kursk. Since childhood, the boy has been keenly studying the Scriptures, he was a frequent visitor to the Church. Once the boy Prokhor fell from the bell tower of the Temple, but remained unharmed, which already indicated the special position of him in life. From 19 years he served as a novice in the Sarov monastery, and in 8 years he took the monastic vows and became a monk Serafim. When the monk realized that he had enough forces to serve the Lord, he decided on a feat and left for the forest for 16 years to be able to constantly pray. He returned to the temple not at his own will, but on the punishment of the Mother of God, who ordered to start helping people. For his faithful love for the Lord, Seraphim was given the gift of the ability to predict the future and heal people. Many cases of healing of hopelessly ill people who turned to Serafim Sarovsky were recorded.

What is the problem with the icon of the Monk Seraphim Sorovsky? It is difficult to answer the question unequivocally. He, as a sincerely believing, kind person, helped people under any circumstances and requests. Often he is asked for the grace of the gift of love, he is considered the patron of late marriages; helps the sick and people in despair, protects them from temptations. The main thing is that the request in prayer comes from the heart and does not have malicious intent.

January 15 - the day of the memory of the Monk Seraphim Sorovsky

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