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The icon of Mother of God 10x15x1сm

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The icon of Mother of God 10x15x1сm

Product code:109
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13.83 USD


Icon of the Mother of God
She is elevated to the rank of the most revered saints, She is above all angels, to Her are asking for help, salvation. She is the Blessed Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus. The Virgin is honored with special veneration and reverence among believing Orthodox Christians.

Also, believers for many centuries respectfully refer to the Icon of the Mother of God. That is why, there are a lot of icons with Her image: "Vladimirskaya", "Kazan", "Częstochowa" and "Tenderness", "Pochaevskaya" and many others. One of the most honored Christian shrines is the Pochaev icon. Its image is known in many Slavic countries: Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia. The true face of the Mother of God has been in the Pochaev Lavra (Ukraine) for about four hundred years. On the image is the image of the Mother of God with the God-given Infant, whom she holds on her right hand. The feet and the back of Christ are covered with a handkerchief, with the right hand He blesses, and holds the left hand on the Mother's shoulder. She bent her head to the Son, a symbol of boundless love.

The history of the icon of the Mother of God is associated with the Pochaev Monastery: in the first half of the 14th century two monks settled on the mountain. They prayed a lot and once at the top of the mountain observed the image of the Virgin in a bright glow. The third, incidental, witness of the phenomenon was the shepherd John Bosoy. After the vision, the three of them climbed to the top and found on the stone where the Virgin stood, the imprint of Her foot. It is still preserved on that rock and is always filled with water, despite the fact that numerous believers daily draw it and drink it for healing from infirmities.

Most often, with prayers to the Pochaev Icon, they come with requests for relief from painful, serious illnesses, and also the Holy Image helps to gain strength and strengthen the spirit, relieves strife and misfortune, enlightens the sinners. Prayers before any image of the Mother of God help spiritual perfection.

The Icon of the Mother of God will become a reliable protector against illnesses, quarrels and disasters in any home. The holy image depicted on the shungite will be a wonderful gift for the closest and dearest people, as a reminder of your care and love.


Some Holy Theotokos  of Christians:
8 (21) September, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
March 25 (April 7) The Annunciation
August 15 (28) The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Some Holy Theotokos have Catholics:
January 1 The feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary
25 March Annunciation
August 15 Assumption and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
September 8, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


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