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High polished pyramid 6x6x12cm

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High polished pyramid 6x6x12cm

Product code:
Weight:0.6 Kg
Availability:In Stock
2 pcs. - 5 pcs. 18.83 USD / pcs.
6 pcs. - 10 pcs. 18.44 USD / pcs.
11 pcs. - 20 pcs. 18.05 USD / pcs.
from 21 pcs. 17.67 USD / pcs.
19.41 USD


The size of this shungite pyramid is 60x60x120 mm. This pyramid creates the energy field with the radius about 3,8 m and able to clear 600 ml of water. Polished shungite pyramid is more beautiful compared with unpolished.

Why should you buy pyramid from shungite:

pyramid ico1Powerful instrument against EMF

Shungite pyramid for active computer users is the protective shield and the generator of vivacity.

pyramid ico2It absorbs intensive computer radiation and improves our efficiency.

Physiologists are dismayed: on average, our contemporary spends one third of his life at computer!

According to recent research, the adults overdo within 4 hours, the teenagers -  within 2,5 hours.Why do we get tired so fast?Inflamed eyes,dissipated attention, headache.

Any computer (desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet) creates EMF around. No matter where you are - at home, at office, or on the street - pathogenic back-ground gets stronger by means of electrical household appliances, office equipment, satellite transponders, electrical transmission lines etc.

pyramid ico3How can we neutralize its damage effect?

Put one shungite pyramid on your desc in order to reduce the technologic influence to natural level. It will be better to carry it every day for the strongest protection – a small figure creates the powerful barrier that protect not only from EMF but also from the psychic vampires. Really magic power of one stone could be highly appreciated by those who constantly contact with a lot of people.  

pyramid ico4The oldest mineral has been rediscovered

Until recently, it has been assumed that the perfect carbon structure could not have Earth origin. In accordance with one of the hypotheses, the shungite deposites in Karelia appeared as result of the falling of giant asteroid 4 billion years ago.

Natural nanostructured material is inexhaustible source of biological activity. The scientists suppose it will be possible in future to develop some specimen on the basis of shungite which prevent form virus penetration into human cells.

The rarest shungite example are chosen from production. Such pure and whole matt black glassy stones can be found only in Zazhoginsky deposit (Republic of Karelia, Russia).


How can a shungite pyramid help you?

Shungite pyramid:

  • Decreases headache and muscle pain;
  • Increases the efficiency and energy potential;
  • Stabilizes the psychoemotional  state;
  • Improves the resistance to stress;
  • Increases the ability to concentrate;
  • Restores the energetic balance;
  • Save from the irritability and normalizes;

pyramid ico6Period of validity is unlimited. Shungite pyramid is recharged in the sun: its life power will be fully restored in couple of hours.

Buy the shungite pyramid RIGHT NOW!


  • I bought a Shungite pyramid for a present to my friend Rebecca and I'm very satisfied with my choice – looks extraordinarily and brings some magic to her life.
    Mary McBrien
  • What a powerful thing! Shungite pyramid helped me to forget about insomnia, I'm so happy to have it at home!
    Luc Daniels
  • I heard that Shungite has a healing power and now after ordering a Shungite pyramid I understand that it’s true, it has become my home doctor.
    Lucy Cheng
  • Shungite pyramid is a wonderful gift! I believed in its cosmic energy when the relationships with my husband became much better, we were close to divorce 3 months ago and then after my mom gave us this little souvenir, we’ve been feeling a real harmony being together.
    Estelle Morris
  • I ordered a Shungite pyramid via this website and everything I can say to the company is "Thank you!". Fast delivery, qualitative service, beautiful and very useful goods. Keep on going!
    Thierry Hook
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