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High pyramids

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Buy shungite high pyramids from Russia

Pyramid of shungite

The pyramid is a popular architectural structure, permeated with centuries of history and a lot of unsolved mysteries. Modus to the shape of the pyramid was introduced by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. There is an opinion that the rulers built and visited their tombs to be fueled by energy. Often in the homes of people who care about their health and energy in the family, you can see the room pyramid. And this is not surprising, because the effect obtained from its impact, has long been rightfully assessed.

The main impact criteria are its material and size. Based on the findings of some studies, it can be assumed that pyramids of shungite are most powerful. Combining a unique mineral and magical form, you get a powerful energy defender with a wide range of impact. The exposure range usually fits within the boundaries of one room.


Protective properties of the pyramid

The pyramid is a reliable shield against the negative influence of geopathogenic influence. Studies show that if a person is near a geopathic zone, then his health becomes unobtrusively worse: frequent headaches, dizziness, and weakness and even panic attacks. Check whether you are next to such an impact is very difficult, because in the modern world, environmental integrity has long been broken. It has also been proven that harmful radiation causes cardiovascular diseases and increases the risk of cancer. Shungite pyramid, in turn, is able to reflect the negative impact and neutralize radiation. Putting a pyramid in your workplace or at home, you will feel better health and emotional state.


You need a pyramid of shungite if:

1. Efficiency quickly decreases and there is not enough energy for the whole day.

2. It is necessary to adjust the emotional situation at home or at work. Shungite is able to absorb negative energy and harmonize the atmosphere in the room. To throw out negative emotions, it's enough to put your hand on the pyramid and feel a decrease in irritability.

3. Your job is to build a constructive dialogue with a lot of other people

4. Clear ornaments. It's amazing, but true. Jewelry is pre-washed in salt solution and in water, and then placed on the pyramid for 10 minutes.

5. Charge the water. The importance of using quality clean water is said a lot, because it is really important for good functioning of the body.

To charge the water, it is necessary to pour it into glassware and place a shungite figure on the bottom. Leave for 2 days and then eat. For preventive purposes, water is taken 150 times a day. As a result of the reception, immunity increases, headaches go off, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary and biliary tract is balanced, and the psychological state improves.


Application of the pyramid at home

To increase the effectiveness of the protective properties of the pyramid, it is necessary to correctly arrange it in space: the side of the base lies exactly on the line "north-south", indicating the compass. The figure is set in the places where you stay longer, with you on the same level, at a distance of not more than 50 cm.

A pyramid of shungite is needed in every home to maintain a positive psycho-emotional state and protect the family from harmful emissions.



  • I bought a Shungite pyramid for a present to my friend Rebecca and I'm very satisfied with my choice – looks extraordinarily and brings some magic to her life.
    Mary McBrien
  • What a powerful thing! Shungite pyramid helped me to forget about insomnia, I'm so happy to have it at home!
    Luc Daniels
  • I heard that Shungite has a healing power and now after ordering a Shungite pyramid I understand that it’s true, it has become my home doctor.
    Lucy Cheng
  • Shungite pyramid is a wonderful gift! I believed in its cosmic energy when the relationships with my husband became much better, we were close to divorce 3 months ago and then after my mom gave us this little souvenir, we’ve been feeling a real harmony being together.
    Estelle Morris
  • I ordered a Shungite pyramid via this website and everything I can say to the company is "Thank you!". Fast delivery, qualitative service, beautiful and very useful goods. Keep on going!
    Thierry Hook
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