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Energy Harmonizers

Buy shungite energy harmonizers from Russia

Shungite Energy Harmonizers

Why harmonizers ?! Firstly, they are remarkably relieve stress and fatigue. They normalize the balance in the body, helping to restore power.

How to use harmonizers? To balance the energy, millet harmonizers take in both hands and just wait, lean back and relax. Shungite harmonizer need to take a left hand and the right talkohlorite. And you will immediately feel the energy and vitality again pour your body. In order to manage the flow of incoming energy, you can either stronger or weaker compress shungite harmonizers.

Good for prevention and rehabilitation of inner harmony in the day should be applied 1-2 procedures, holding cylinders 10-15 minutes. If you are not comfortable to stand, you can repeating this and sitting in a comfortable position, but then you must take into account that your arms and legs were crossed. Similarly, it should be noted that after the application of the procedures, you will have a big rush of emotion and energy. The ability to improve your performance.

Using shungite and talkohlorite harmonizers, you just received a surge of sexual energy. This energy helps to attract people of the opposite sex.

We guarantee you a quality guarantee, our company is in the market for many years, and distributes only really useful products. You can find harmonizers different sizes (for the comfort of your hand), so we have a different shape, because a procedure can be performed and spheres and other shapes.


  • I have such harmonizers at my office, ordered them from Karelia last month. I always use them when it’s necessary to create some great idea, usually it helps!)))
    Maximilian Tautscher
  • I'm a masseuse and shungite massage pencil goes with me everywhere, a very interesting and useful thing!
    Sarah Francis
  • I learned of shungite a lot and then decided to try… My first order was 2 little spheres – harmonizers, I liked them a lot! Like to touch it, keep it in my hand, play with it.. I really feel more comfortable and quiet having them in my pocket.
    Tiffany Wong
  • I'm a teacher and bought shungite harmonizer for my students. As I see they started to study more attentively and remember the material better than earlier.
    Konstantin Schnell
  • I had a bad habit of touching my hair while conversation, and now I've learned to control it with the help of little shungite harmonizers. Thank you for everything!
    Carina Sandweg
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