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Elite shungite 98% carbon

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Shungit-used for water disinfection and purification from impurities contained in the water system of our homes.
There are two types shungita: Black shungite contains 64% carbon and Elite shungite contains 98% carbon
Both types shungite used in water purification.
Elite shungite strewn in the filter is much more effective black shungit unnecessarily. contains more carbon atoms. (up to 94% carbon)
Filter strewn elite shungite much more expensive than black, because it is produced by hand, and its reserves are limited.

There are two methods for preparation of drinking water.
First way: as shungite dirty it should be washed!
Pour into a pan of water and put it in an elite shungite then postavte on fire and bring to a boil, simmer for 15-20 minutes.
Then, drain the dirty water and spill clean.
Pour water into the container 3-liter and put it on the bottom of the container 300-400 grams elite shungit.
Insist water no more than 48 hours. Then, change the water.
The second way: you can order from us ready filter backfilling of elite shungite. The filter is installed directly into the water supply apartments, houses.
There are three types of filters: a single-chamber, three-chamber and two-chamber. Poured into them shungite zeolite and foam layer.

Elite shungite has on the body anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, anti-allergic, immune-stimulating effect. Many diseases in combination with traditional methods are treated with high-end shungita such as liver and kidney disease, cholelithiasis, chronic gastritis and even ulcer, diabetes and various allergic diseases in cosmetic clinics elite shungit used as a means of improving muscle tone increases tissue elasticity, smooths wrinkles. Very useful for taking baths with elite shungite, the more it is very easy to use, it is enough to submerge the pouch 300g with shungite for 10-15 minutes, then squeeze it and take a bath. You certainly will appreciate the fresh, rested appearance.

Shungite also beginning to be used in water treatment plants of European cities and third world countries, as water quality is not always and everywhere conforms.
We have special offers for the sale schungite in large quantities.
Our company will pack and ship your goods anywhere in the world.
All the details please learn from our managers. manager@shungit-factory.ru

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