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Cube - the correct form

Anything in this world is determined by three components: form, content and symbolism. Speaking of cube, it is geometrically a regular polyhedron, each face of which is a square. Even the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid in the III century BC, in the "Book of Principles" gave a complete mathematical description of the correct polyhedra, including cube. These scientific works are still the foundation of all exact sciences.

In the philosophical teachings of the ancient Greek thinker Plato, the Cube symbolized the earth, because this figure is more stable than others. In the modern world, the Cube is identified with stability, fundamental, unambiguous.

The cube in the interior is more appropriate in the working room: in the office, on the personal desktop, at the computer. The business and sustainable energy that the cube carries as a symbol is repeatedly multiplied by the material from which the thing is made. The cube of shungite stone is the energy multiplied by the deep energy of the earth as such, since shungite is the most ancient mineral formed simultaneously with the Earth itself, with the mother-nature, 2 billion years ago.

In addition to the symbolism, it is worth remembering that shungite is a unique natural mineral, capable of interacting with electromagnetic radiation. Possessing electromagnetic properties shungite is able to shield radiation of ultrahigh frequencies. Laboratory experiments prove that screening is carried out by reflection and absorption in the mineral of an electromagnetic wave. When interacting with electromagnetic radiation, shungite suppresses it by more than 70%! Therefore, the cube can be used when interacting with any electrical devices: computer, Wi-Fi router, microwave oven, washing machine, etc. In this case, the work of the appliance is not violated.

And with the help of shungite cubes you can cool or heat beverages without changing the composition of the beverage itself. As you know, cooling the drink with melting ice, the drink changes its structure, due to water.

Shungite does not dissolve in the beverage, but everyone knows that this mineral interacts with the liquid and cleans it of harmful impurities: from oil products, pesticides, organic impurities, bacteria and even heavy metals, oxidizing them and transferring them into insoluble form. Possessing a number of unique chemical and physical properties, shungite purifies water of aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorine-containing compounds, and, thanks to the fullerene crystal lattice, saturates the necessary trace elements and protects the body cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Shungite cubes of large sizes can also be used in stone therapy: heated cubes are applied to diseased sites. For example, along the spine, especially the lumbar spine. Soft warming dry heat or light massage with warm stone has a therapeutic effect for arthritis, vertebral hernia, radiculitis and other diseases. You can also use schungite for relaxation and home spa treatments.

Take care of yourself, be successful and healthy!



  • After I had a shungite cube I could find a job of my dream, I believe that it was thanks to its power!
    Shahana Helal
  • My problem was that I couldn't make any savings: everything I earned I spent at once, no matter how much it was… I took some courses, trainings but the situation has changed only when I got a shungite cube – a simple souvenir!!! It just stuck me one day that I could pay only in cash and spend certain amount per day and no more. Thanks to that magical creature!
    Christina Prib
  • We ordered shungite cube from Karelia and can share only good emotions about this thing! It is a source of huge positive energy and lovely interior decoration.
    Andrea Schumacher
  • Hello! Thank you for everything, I'm your regular customer! We tried shungite cubes and spheres and liked it a lot!
    Trevar Augustin
  • I'm using the cube of shungite during my yoga practice and feel full of strength in my body and harmony in my soul!
    Mario Bergmann
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