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Soft shungite shampoo for daily use "for all types of hair"

Product code: 28286
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9.35 USD

Soft shungite shampoo for daily use "for all types of hair"

Product code:28286
Weight:0.3 Kg
Availability:In Stock
9.35 USD


Volume: 300 ml.

Particularly mild shampoo based on schungite water, suitable for daily use. Shampoo gently and gently cleanses hair and scalp, prevents dandruff, gives hair strength, natural beauty and a healthy glow.

Highly active Karelian schungite improves blood circulation in the scalp, it nourishes the necessary trace elements, strengthens hair roots. As a natural antioxidant, protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and prevents distortion of the structure of the hair, and loss of color.


  • I ordered a special black shampoo with shungite and can give it only the best recommendations: my hair have become healthy and shining!
    Roxana Corsau
  • I had skin problems and could get rid of them only after I started using soft dermatological gel for washing with shungite component. Thank you for the production of high quality!
    Magdalena ibler
  • Bath foam with shungite is super! I recommend everyone to try it!)))
    Ellie Wootton
  • I'm absolutely excited by the black shungite soap! The effect is above any comparison. My skin has become soft and tender like childish.
    Maliana Maliana
  • I've been using shungite cosmetics for more than 5 years and I don't want to try anything else… Thank you for sharing this production!
    Martina Brunold
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