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Cosmetics with shungite

Elite Shungite soap "Oval" (with a powder of elite shungite) 4.39 USD Elite Shungite soap "Round" (with a powder of elite shungite) 4.39 USD Silky serum for youth and beauty skin of the hands with shungite 8.69 USD Intensive Balsam against cracks in the feet (Shungite) 8.96 USD Thick black shungite shampoo "For oily hair" 9.35 USD Soft shungite shampoo for daily use "for all types of hair" 9.35 USD Special shungite Black Shampoo "For normal hair" 9.35 USD Special black shampoo based on shungite "for dry and colored hair" 9.35 USD Shampoo "The strength shungite" dandruff 9.49 USD Shampoo "The strength shungite" for intensive hair restoration 9.49 USD "Balancing" soft dermatological gel for washing (Shungite) 9.75 USD "Neutral" soft dermatological gel for washing (Shungite) 9.75 USD "Moisturizing" soft dermatological gel for washing (Shungite) 9.75 USD Intensive Balsam venotoniki-leg (Shungite) 10.14 USD "Neutral" gentle dermatological soap (Shungite) 10.28 USD "Nutritious" gentle dermatological soap (Shungite) 10.28 USD "Moisturizer" gentle dermatological soap (Shungie) 10.28 USD Gel-balm for the joints Hondrosustavit XS28 (Shungite) 10.80 USD Bath Foam "shungite-Herbal №1» 12.12 USD Bath Foam "shungite-Herbal №2» 12.12 USD Bath Foam "shungite-Herbal №3» 12.12 USD Black shungite soap 14.10 USD Toothbrush with shungite 18.26 USD

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Cosmetics based on shungite

Shungite is a real pearl of Karelia. This mineral is a real treasure containing the properties of a precious, aesthetically unique stone; a huge number of useful elements, as well as possessing protective, shielding and magical properties. The composition of the mineral is diverse: it contains many elements from the periodic system of Mendeleev. But an interesting feature is the ability of shungite to give into water only those elements that are necessary for a living organism. Due to its unique characteristics, the fullerene structure, shungite has a huge range of applications: in the production of building materials, paints, ferroalloys, phosphorus; for water treatment of CHP plants, swimming pools, high quality drinking water in flow systems of any capacity and in wells; for the purification of sewage, as well as for the preparation of animal feed, for medical and cosmetic purposes. This is not the entire list of real use of shungite rocks, scientists are still tearing away new opportunities for a unique mineral.


Shampoos on the basis of shungite

On the basis of schungite, various hair shampoos are manufactured. In their composition, you will not find harmful components used in other products. Each shungite shampoo has its directed action, thanks to additionally introduced ingredients such as herb infusion, propolis, birch tar, nettle, etc.

To achieve the most positive result, you need to choose the right shampoo, based on your problem.

  1. Special black shampoo for normal hair. Excellent cleanses the scalp, gently affects the hair, reduces hair loss and restores the natural balance of the scalp. In its composition it has mint and string extracts, as well as collagen - an indispensable component for restoring the structure of the hair.
  2. For oily hair. Shampoo perfectly regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, refreshes and cleanses the hair, gives volume and fills with strength. Additional components are extracts of nettle, rosemary and St. John's wort.
  3. Soft, for all types of hair. Delicately cleanses hair, nourishes them, prevents the appearance of dandruff, it contains collagen and wheat proteins in its composition.
  4. For dry and colored hair. Gently cleanses, does not allow tarnishing of color, restores weak hair. The composition contains collagen.
  5. Intensive recovery. A perfect nutrient for dry, prone to brittleness, damaged hair. As a result of the application, the roots of the hair are strengthened, the strength of the hair is increased with the help of a protective layer created by keratin. Extract of northern sea-buckthorn in the composition gives shine and strength to the hair, restores weakened ends.
  6. Against dandruff. Perfectly removes dandruff, relieves itching and irritation. Shungite has an antioxidant effect on the damaged scalp, improves microcirculation, saturates with useful trace elements. Shampoo is supplemented with birch tar, which has antifungal and antiseptic properties, as well as octopirox (a component that has a detrimental effect on the fungus that forms dandruff).


Shower gels

After a hard day's work so wants to relax at home under the stream of water, fill the bath with a pleasant aroma, cleanse your body of all experiences. For such purposes, it is very important to choose quality products, without prejudice to the family budget. Shower gels, natural soap and foam for a bath based on shungite water not only meet all of the above requirements, but also contribute to the health of your body.

In the line of shungite shower gels, there are 3 types of product. Each of them is unique in its own way, but the beneficial effect of shungite is unchanged. The mineral not only perfectly copes with bacteria and contaminants, but also prevents premature aging of the skin due to the ability to bind free radicals that destroy the body cells. Active ingredients help in dealing with problematic or aging skin. A pleasant bonus is a unique aroma, which during the day will be unobtrusive to remind oneself.



On the basis of finely dispersed shungite creams and balms are created. Their composition is further enriched with vitamins, oils, extracts of natural components. Creams based on shungite penetrate deep into the epidermis layer, relieve inflammation, eliminate dryness, saturate the skin with useful trace elements. With regular use of cream with shungite, oxygen circulation in cells increases, metabolic processes normalize, and the speed of skin regeneration increases. To solve a particular problem, a special cream-balm is made. Consider some of the most popular products.

Intensive Balm for the skin of the legs against cracks. The drug with a high content of vitamins, oils, eliminates dryness, softens the skin of the foot, promotes rapid healing of wounds and cracks. Balm also has antibacterial, deodorant and relaxing effects. It consists of: sunflower oil, cocoa and flax oil (moisturizing and wound healing), essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, lavender; vitamin F (cell regeneration, reduction of inflammation), allantoin (contributes to the removal of the cornified layer); collagen and plant extracts of horse chestnut and willow (strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce swelling)

Gel-balm for the joints "Khondrosustavit XS28". Irreversible anti-inflammatory and analgesic for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, radiculitis, gout, etc. Balm has in its composition not only a valuable shungite, which has a powerful analgesic and restoring effect, as well as glucosamine, which promotes regeneration of cartilage and provides a viscous elastic lubrication of joints, and chondoprotector - chondroitin Sulfate, which facilitates the rapid restoration of cartilaginous tissue, which removes inflammation and increases the mobility of joints.

Apply balm to the damaged area 2 times a day, for three weeks. The break between courses is 2-3 months.



  • I ordered a special black shampoo with shungite and can give it only the best recommendations: my hair have become healthy and shining!
    Roxana Corsau
  • I had skin problems and could get rid of them only after I started using soft dermatological gel for washing with shungite component. Thank you for the production of high quality!
    Magdalena ibler
  • Bath foam with shungite is super! I recommend everyone to try it!)))
    Ellie Wootton
  • I'm absolutely excited by the black shungite soap! The effect is above any comparison. My skin has become soft and tender like childish.
    Maliana Maliana
  • I've been using shungite cosmetics for more than 5 years and I don't want to try anything else… Thank you for sharing this production!
    Martina Brunold
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