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Once you have selected the correct product for you, please contact our managers.

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The company «Karelian Shungite Factory» is successfully cooperating with the transport companies involved in shipping cargo to anywhere in the world.

As a rule, large wholesale orders for Europe, we deliver trucks of different tonnage ranging from 0.5 tons to 20 tons

In this case, we will:

• execute all necessary documents and fees associated with customs clearance as soon as possible;


• organize transport, depending on the tonnage and volume;


• carry out the loading of the goods and send to the destination.

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Also, you can send your traffic to us, if you so will be more convenient.

Recall that the transportation costs paid by the buyer.

Please take into consideration that upon receipt of orders in different countries may be requested for the customs duty imposed by the state on the part of the recipient of the goods.

If, when ordering goods on our website, the shipping cost is displayed "0" - this means that the weight of your order exceeds the weight of the retail shipment. Therefore, most likely you will need to fill in the necessary documents for customs, as well as payment of relevant taxes and delivery.
In this case, our manager will contact you and calculate the exact shipping cost and all necessary expenses.