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About Shungite

Ice cubes beautifully sparkle in a glass with a cocktail, cool the drink and please aesthetically. But the ice melts quickly. Water begins to change the taste of the drink itself, and not only cools it. And now in a glass quite another drink - not an elite whiskey, for example, whiskey with tap water. Agree, this is completely different.

The skull as a symbol has spread in different cultures of the world, from the oldest to the modern subcultures. The symbolism associated with skulls is widely present, for example, in medieval Europe. In addition to the appearance on the canvases of famous artists and as a composite material of sculptures, skulls were used as bowls, as candlesticks and other objects.

Nature in man lies the desire for the perfect, symmetrical. Harmony of geometric shapes is known from ancient times. Even primitive people believed in magic and healing with the help of various simple figures, inscriptions, for example, on rocks.

This article can help people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, genitourinary system and pressure disorders to find another way of recovery, anesthesia or prevention.

A month is one of the oldest multi-valued symbols. For example, in Ancient Greece, he was associated with purity and crowned the head of the goddess Artemis.
The crescent is used in religious symbols, for example, in Orthodoxy, the crescent is sometimes located in the lower part of the cross. Such crosses adorn the ancient churches: the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl (1165), the Dmitrievsky Cathedral in Vladimir (1197) and others.

On the threshold of winter, many people with trembling expect the first snow, beautiful snow landscapes and, of course, the approaching holidays. But the less time remains until the end of the year, the more worries appear, both at work and at home.

Nowadays, the cosmetic market is full of variety of products for every taste and purse, it is very difficult to make the right choice. Probably, many constantly move from one brand to another in search of the ideal means for your hair.

Beauty recipes have long ceased to be secrets. Every girl knows that the guarantee of a good state and external attractiveness is a full-fledged dream, proper food and a good rest. If the first two points are clear, then the third one can cause controversy and misunderstanding.

The art of treating various diseases with minerals has been known for a very long time. It was developed in ancient Egypt, Asia, India, and originated in the distant Paleolithic. The influence of certain minerals on the well-being and psychological state of a person was described in ancient treatises.

The icon is the embodiment of church stories and saints, is an object of worship. It is not identified with painting, in the usual sense of the word, but it is a phenomenon of Orthodoxy culture. In a broad sense, "icon" is similar in meaning to the concept of "symbol", but contains a more pronounced element of representativeness.

Mineral of the future, occupying a transition state from amorphous carbon to crystalline graphite, containing fullerene-like carbon, silicates (quartz, mica), as well as silica, alumina, iron oxide and many other components consisting of Mendeleyev's periodic table.

The unique properties of shungit rocks for a long time did not have a direct purpose. Scientists around the world have worked on studying the chemical and physical properties of a rare mineral. At the end of the twentieth century, the discovery of fullerene in the shungite structure produced a real furor and massive use of stone for a variety of purposes.

When building a house you have to take into account many factors: strength, stability, reliability, thermal insulation, as well as a favorable effect on a person. All these requirements can be met by shungisite (an artificial porous material obtained by firing shungite-containing rocks containing a large amount of metamorphosed organic matter).

Every day we provide our body with water and food. Since water, unlike food, penetrates into every cell of the body, it is much more important to pay attention to the quality of the consumed liquid. The human body gets used to a certain composition of water, namely to that which is consumed daily, and reacts instantly to the smallest changes.

At present, one of the ways of water supply available to society in the countryside is a well or a well. It is indispensable for satisfying all natural needs: drinking water, a source for watering plants and much more. Therefore, it is very important to know that the water in your well has a clean composition, without harmful impurities.

The popularity of shungite spread far beyond Karelia. Mineral, which has no analogues in the world, contains elements of almost the entire periodic table. Its natural structure is similar in composition to the enzymes of living cells and this fact is operated by some scientists, suggesting the origin of life in shungite water.

The shape of the ball is rightfully considered a symbol of life, of globality. He is associated with the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. The ball is adopted as the central object in mythology, poetry and philosophy. For example, in Greek mythology, he represents luck, destiny, eternity and power over the universe.

In this article, we will try to understand the advantages and differences of elite shungite. First of all, it is a noble stone. Its value can be compared with gold: rarely found in nature, has a unique composition.

Merkaba is the energy field of a person, uniting the mind, heart and body. The mission of Merkaba is to establish a balance and harmonize the needs between the spiritual "I" and the earthly, physical "I". This word consists of 3 concepts:

From the early youth of mankind, even from the moment of its inception in the immediate vicinity of man there was a stone. The stone vaults of the cave protected the primitive people from the weather and sheltered them from danger.