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About Shungite

The change of seasons very often negatively affects health. People with diseases of the musculoskeletal system subtly feel the increase in humidity, cooling, at this time exacerbated chronic diseases. Consider ways to save from pain and prevent inflammation.

Fullerene is a component of a carbon matrix whose molecular lattice is folded into a hollow sphere, and a flat graphite grid has the shape of hexagons, some of them are converted into pentagons.

Problem skin always requires increased care and investment. But even the most expensive cream is not always able to eliminate the shortcomings and save you from problems.

Jewelry is an integral part of humanity. The exact date of origin of various ornaments is unknown, but it is precisely established that the inhabitants of the ancient civilization of the Sumerians wore bracelets on their wrists. And, both women and men.

Shungite products are diverse in their application. Consider the methods of self-massage using various forms of shungite.

Shungite is a unique natural material. Nature creates everything in a single variant and does not suffer repetition. The product of shungite always keeps this natural secret of the birth of each element.

Summer is the time for exploration of various corners of our vast planet. On the trip, you want to take so many things to ensure your life completely, but more often than not, restrictions on the weight of the airlines makes the tourists think over their luggage.

Can you imagine how diverse the range of shungite is? It has a number of unique physico - chemical, technological properties. They are explained by the structure of the mineral:

In every ancient religion or teaching, there are knowledge of stones that can perform miracles. Throughout the world, there were cults of stones: a stone was worshiped, a stone was considered a saint.

In the north of Karelia (Shunga village) there is a real natural monument - an abandoned tunnel for the extraction of elite aspidum. This is the place where shungite was first discovered.

Do you know what happens to food while warming in a microwave oven? Microwaves distort the chemical composition of food, deform the chemical bonds, as a result of which the product becomes "dead", useful micronutrients are killed.

Our skin requires careful care. She is constantly exposed to physical stress: she has to take in the gassed city air, undergo different weather conditions and continuously perform her vital functions. Therefore, we must create all conditions for rest and nutrition, to prolong the beauty and youth of the body.

Have you seen such an amazing phenomenon as balancing stones? The most famous natural phenomena are in the USA, Colorado, balancing rocks in Zimbabwe, the Stone Idol in the UK, the Goldstone in Mannme.

Elite shungite is a special kind of the most ancient mineral on Earth. Elite shungite is extracted in a single place, in Karelia, in the north-west of Russia by hand. In nature, elite shungite is extremely rare, it is more difficult to find on sale and its reserves are limited. It is all the more difficult to find large fragments of the rock - they are of special value, and are found only in rare collections.

The guarantee of a good sleep is the peace of mind. Evening walk before going to bed, reading the whole family of the book, doing yoga contribute to a harmonious recovery of the spirit after a hard day's work. But arising periodically problems, stresses, anxieties can not simply disappear, leaving no trace in the mind of a person.

Shungite is a precious stone! They use it both in biology, in industry, and in medicine, and it is extracted only in Zaonezhie. Their name was given to these lands because of their location behind the largest lake Onego. That is, Zaonezhye are the lands beyond the Onega Lake.

Shungite is an ideal stone for landscape design. With his help you can work in different stylistic directions, create unique figures. One of the most common landscape areas is rockeries.

Water treatment is a process of various purification of water: treatment from harmful impurities, bad odor, clarification, improvement of qualities. That is, the transformation of water into drinking water. This is certainly engaged in public services, which take water from natural sources and deliver it to our apartment already processed.

Water is the basis of the Earth's ecological system, the source of life. The quality of water depends on the health of the whole planet, but frequent pollution is a real threat, both for nature and for man.

Since ancient times, jewelry has been given special attention. Each accessory should not only have an aesthetic appeal, but also carry positive energy in itself, and, even, be the guardian of its owner.