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About Shungite

Cream Balsam.
Cream-balm, the main active ingredient of which is shungite, can be made at home by adding useful oils to shungite paste: mummy, cedar oil, wheat germ oil, oil extracts of aloe, ginseng, St. John's wort, etc., etc.

Shungite is a mineral that helps to increase vital energy. In the world there is radiation, microwaves, water and air pollution from which it is necessary to protect your body. Due to the fact that the amount of living energy that is in shungite is much higher than in other terrestrial minerals

In most cases, in medical practice, shungite is used as an additional tool in the complex treatment of diseases. The fundamental property of schungite used in medicine is the unique ability to absorb harmful substances and give the useful, necessary for the body at this very moment.

For many centuries, wearing jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones was the prerogative of kings and priests. It is usually believed that this is due to the rarity of gems and the complexity of their processing,

On the eve of winter, many people with trepidation expect the first snow, beautiful snow landscapes and, of course, the upcoming holidays. But the less time remains until the end of the year, the more worries appear, both at work and at home.

The only stone that is mined only on the territory of Russia, in the only place - in Karelia. Deep black color allows you to use it in decoration as well as in jewelry. In addition to color, its effect on a person is especially appreciated.

A rock garden is a hill made of stones and plants in a certain place on a garden plot. The composition got its name from the Alps. They inspired landscape designers to create objects in artificial conditions.

Shungite is a unique natural mineral, interesting by its origin, structure and chemical composition. Mineral is even called natural nanomaterial! Not all the useful properties of shungite are studied well enough, but scientists do not stop working in this direction.

With the onset of cold weather, the human body requires more warmth and care. It is very susceptible to the effects of seasonal viruses, quickly overcooling and getting sick.

In the fall, the risk of colds increases, a bad mood often overcomes, fatigue comes faster. Why it happens? Is a person so dependent on the weather? Yes!

Childhood is a special time in a person's life, when there are no conventions, strict restrictions in actions, you can live under the influence of your own emotions. For example, run barefoot in the morning on the dewy grass, laugh for a long time, jump,

One of the most important rules of a healthy lifestyle is drinking mode. A person should drink at least one and a half liters of water a day! This is no secret to anyone. But few people think about the quality of absorbed water.

The drinking regime is commonly understood as a rational order of water consumption. Proper drinking regime provides a normal water-salt balance and creates favorable conditions for the life of the body.

Take a course on good health! In the summer there is an opportunity to feed yourself with various vitamins with the help of fruits, berries, as well as the sun, warmth, charge yourself for the whole coming year!

Looking for the best way to please yourself and loved ones? Give decoration, but not ordinary, but shungit. It is one that has a number of unique qualities: from protection from electromagnetic radiation to magical properties!

Shungite is a mineral that helps to increase vital energy. There are many factors in the world that suppress life force. Such as radiation, microwaves, water and air pollution.

The stove or fireplace in the house creates warmth and comfort. How nice to sit by a warm spring, listen to the crackle of firewood and drink delicious tea surrounded by loved ones.

As soon as people learned to make fire, they learned about the properties of water and stones - then the first steps to the invention of baths were taken. Moreover, different peoples have their own traditions of building baths, their own rules and their own history.

There are many ways to make icons, so it is especially important to choose reliable, long-term material, which over the years will not lose its power and beauty. Shungit is a unique material and reliable protector of the atmosphere in the house. After all, it is he who possesses cleansing, screening and healing properties, and is also an independent amulet.

Shungite is a special mineral that is able to turn ordinary water into "living", saturated with useful microelements. Shungite rocks have sorption, catalytic and bactericidal propertie