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About Shungite

At the end of the year, you have to take stock of what you have lived through, analyze the achievement of goals, track your own growth as a professional in work and as a person as a whole. To develop more efficiently next year, it’s worth compiling your own “book of life”.

Drinking mode - an important point in the diet of the child. In young children, nature itself regulates the process of fluid exchange.
For a child, water plays a big role. He drinks more than an adult, of course, in terms of unit of body weight.

The unusual properties of shungite to people living in areas where there are deposits of this mineral have been known for a long time. A new surge of interest in shungite is associated with the name of Peter I. As you know, the Tsar Reformer loved everything new and progressive.


Acne (acne, acne) is the most common cause of complexes in terms of appearance in adolescents, which does not allow some adults to live in peace. The causes of the disease can be hidden inside the body or lie on the surface in the literal sense of the word.

Fertile soil is of great importance when growing garden crops. It can be enriched in several proven ways. In this case, all recommendations and tips must be followed.

Headache, be it spontaneous, growing, sharp, aching, throbbing or pressing, occurs in the life of any person, but without a reason it happens quite rarely. Almost always, she warns of a crash in the body or its susceptibility to harmful factors.

The unique properties of shungite rocks for a long time did not have their intended purpose. Scientists around the world have worked to study the chemical and physical properties of a rare mineral. At the end of the twentieth century, the discovery of fullerenes in the shungite structure produced a real sensation and massive use of stone for a variety of purposes.

Gifts are always a pleasure not only to receive, but also to give. A gift made with your own hands carries a piece of your energy, love and care. To receive such a gift is doubly pleasant. We have prepared for you several options for homemade gifts that are easy to make yourself!

Such a well-known concept as “pre-New Year bustle” includes not only the preparation for the holidays, the purchase of gifts, but also the solution of cases accumulated over the year. In such conditions, the human body often weakens and "opens" to various diseases. In order to actively spend time on holidays, and not to drink antipyretic drugs at home, pay special attention to your immunity.

The sphere is the most economical form, respectively, it has the smallest surface. The variety of ball forms is found in nature: raindrops, berries, fruits, fish eggs, eggs, molecules, atoms, planets, etc. The form of the ball are also huge clots of incandescent matter.

Shungite is a real pearl of Karelia. This mineral is a real treasure containing the properties of a precious, aesthetically unique stone; a huge number of useful elements, as well as possessing protective, shielding and magical properties.

Karelian shungites are unique carbonaceous rocks. The prospects for their use in the technology of drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment, for energy saving in metallurgical processes,

The place by the fireplace is a warm cozy corner in any house. Undoubtedly, in order to make this place as comfortable as possible, you will have to make a lot of effort. That is why facing the fireplace is an important aspect that should be given special attention.

Recently it has become fashionable to visit schungite rooms. This is a room where the floor, walls and ceiling are fully lined with schungite tiles. One session lasts about 30-40 minutes. A person is not allowed to use mobile gadgets, he is left alone with himself, listening to soothing, pleasant music.

Shungite rocks are an effective energy-saving raw material. The unique composition and structure of the mineral causes a high energy-saving potential. Due to the fact that carbon, which is part of shungite, is in a developed state and is in close contact with quartz, its activity exceeds the activity of coke.

Tsar Peter I visited the resort four times - in 1719, 1720, 1722 and 1724. Especially for Peter, two oak lathes were installed in the palace, on which he carved a table, chairs, an armchair, candlesticks and other objects. During the life of the emperor, the source gained wide fame.

If your day starts with the best of intentions, but then you break down and eat a piece of cake brought by a colleague on your birthday, or dinner turns into a long absorption of the entire contents of the refrigerator, you should familiarize yourself with tips that will effectively cope with overeating.

Shungite is a unique natural material for several reasons:
• It is unusual in origin,
• on the structure of its carbon;
• the structure of the rocks themselves.

What makes his age in a man? Not the face or even the hair, but the skin of the hands! Windy winter is an ordeal for delicate skin of hands. Protect it from the adverse effects of extreme cold and temperature extremes in order to avoid peeling, redness and microcracks.

The month of December is the most magical, it is in this month that the cherished dreams are fulfilled, meetings with the closest people are becoming more frequent, and the streets of the city become similar to the fairy tale embodied.