How to choose a shungite icon?

 There are many ways to make icons, so it is especially important to choose reliable, long-term material, which over the years will not lose its power and beauty. Shungit is a unique material and reliable protector of the atmosphere in the house. After all, it is he who possesses cleansing, screening and healing properties, and is also an independent amulet. Combining the divine face with shungite, it turns out a reliable guardian of your home. Our site contains icons with the faces of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Mother of God.
What problem can be addressed to the icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov? It is difficult to answer the question unequivocally. He, as a sincere believer, a kind person, helped people under any circumstances and requests. Often he is asked for the grace of the gift of love, he is considered the patron of late marriages; helps the sick and people in despair, protects them from temptations. The main thing is that the request in prayer should come from the heart and not have malicious intent.
One of the most significant saints in the Orthodox culture - Nicholas the Wonderworker is the patron saint of orphans, prisoners, sailors and travelers. Days of veneration of the saint begin on the New Year holidays. It is believed that it was Nicholas the Wonderworker who is the prototype of Santa Claus. Not only Orthodox believers turn to the miraculous icon, but also Catholic in different life situations, misfortunes, illnesses. The miraculous Icon helps believers in many aspects: protects children, merchants, travelers and sailors, reconciles enemies and protects from enemies, helps in finding a husband or wife and in the preservation of pregnancy; rescues repentant prisoners and innocent prisoners.
Icon of the Mother of God.
She is elevated to the rank of the most revered saints. She is above all angels, she is approached with requests for help, salvation, although it seems that such requests should be addressed only to the Lord. She is the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus. If She is spoken of, then personal pronouns relating to the Virgin Mary are capitalized, along with pronouns relating to God. This indicates a special reverence and reverence for the Church and Orthodox Christians.
Most often, with prayers to the icon come with requests for deliverance from painful, serious diseases, as well as the Holy Image helps to gain strength and strengthen the spirit, eliminates from quarrels and unhappiness, admonishes sinners. Prayers before any image of the Mother of God help spiritual perfection.
The icon of the Mother of God will become a reliable protector from ailments, quarrels and disasters in any home. The holy image depicted in shungite will be a wonderful gift for the closest and dearest people, as a reminder of your care and love.