Shungite tile for fruits and vegetables

 Shungite is a mineral that helps to increase vital energy. In the world there is radiation, microwaves, water and air pollution from which it is necessary to protect your body. Due to the fact that the amount of living energy that is in shungite is much higher than in other terrestrial minerals, shungite has the ability to release this energy of life into the surrounding space, filling it and harmonizing it. This property of shungite to saturate with life energy everything that comes in contact with it is used to preserve freshness and improve the quality of food.
The special molecular structure of shungite is the cause of its diverse medicinal properties and widespread use in traditional medicine. The unique beneficial properties of shungite are due to the unusual structure of the molecules of its constituent carbon. Before scientists discovered the composite component of shungite - fullerenes, it was believed that there are only three forms of crystalline modifications of carbon - diamond, carbin and graphite. But when studying the molecular composition of shungite, it turned out that there is also a fourth, special form of carbon - fullerene, which is a hollow spherical molecular compound consisting of 60 carbon atoms. It is the presence of fullerenes in the shungite and the unusual structure of the carbon matrix is ​​a characteristic feature of the structure of this mountain mineral, which determines a number of its unique physical, chemical and therapeutic properties.
Shungite stone, which has a rich mineral composition, pronounced sorption, bactericidal and catalytic properties, has for many years been successfully used in purification systems and activation of drinking water, air and food.
Pay attention to the extreme point: food. His health and vitality directly depends on the quality of food absorbed by a person! Therefore, shungit plate for products can be an indispensable tool in your home. Due to its ion-exchange properties, shungite extracts certain pollutants from products, meanwhile saturating them and enriching them with additional energy.
Another advantage is that by putting products on shungit tiles, you can extend their shelf life.
Do not forget to use shungite tiles in the kitchen! Such a simple at first glance thing will give you and your family really clean, filled with vital energy products.