The magic of the bracelet


For many centuries, wearing jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones was the prerogative of kings and priests. It is usually believed that this is due to the rarity of gems and the complexity of their processing, and therefore to the high price of jewelry with stones. However, jewelry with stones performed not only a decorative function and symbolized power and wealth, but also protected, healed, and supported its owner.

The magic of stone is one of the oldest on earth. Our ancestors used it not only to solve their everyday problems, but also for higher, noble and creative purposes. With the help of magic, the stone influenced the weather, pacified the elements, foresaw natural disasters and changed the flow of time.

Each stone has its own unique soul, which few people manage to feel. To this day, people buy jewelry with stones, not only because of their beauty, but also because of their amazing properties. No wonder we sometimes feel a sudden desire to acquire and wear this or that precious or semi-precious stone. Wearing properly selected crystals, or simply being in close proximity, enhances your energy, enhances intuition, strengthens faith, calms emotions, helps heal from disease, attracts love.
It is very important to seriously choose the material of the decoration. Most often, bracelets with a stone choose, starting from the date of birth or zodiac sign. But the general meaning of such items is one - protection.
Famous shungite bracelets, in addition to the protective function, help the body to normalize health.
Shungite product is capable of:
o normalize pressure
o remove swelling,
o increase performance,
o repel negative energy
o clean the room
o protect against electromagnetic radiation,
o attract wealth, joy, luck and happiness to your home.

Wearing shungite bracelets daily will make your look bright and your health strong.