How to maintain immunity in the rainy season?

In the fall, the risk of colds increases, a bad mood often overcomes, fatigue comes faster. Why it happens? Is a person so dependent on the weather? Yes! The psychoemotional state first of all suffers in the absence of the sun, heat. But also its great role is played by the famous avitaminosis, as a result of which the normal functioning of the body is disrupted. A person needs time to reorganize to a new regime, to accumulate strength. The power of our body needs to be increased and maintained in such a difficult period. Rapidly advancing fatigue indicates the need for additional recharge, rest, requires an increased amount of vitamins.
Where do we start? With maintaining a healthy mental state!


The main assistants in this business will be harmonizers. Shungite balls, pyramids, octahedrons, cylinders will help to maintain the balance of the soul. Each form has its own unique attractiveness and is endowed with certain abilities. With the help of the ball and exercises with it, you can relieve stress, escape from negative emotions. Exercises are very simple in performance: take the ball in your hand and squeeze, then roll between each other and rub between your palms. The pyramid is used as protection against geopathic effects, placing it in its workplace. Its facets and properties of the mineral are capable of reflecting the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation, clearing space. With the help of cylinders, which, by the way, are placed in a handbag or pocket, and can be used anywhere, you can activate the body, vital organs and systems. Frequent use of harmonizers improves the energy balance and reveals the ability of a person to self-regulate. But all forms have a common ability - they reflect negative energy.


The second stage - daily shungite baths.


Preparing water for shungite bath at home is very simple. For this you need about 250-300 grams. crushed shungite in the bag. Turn on hot running water, rinse and squeeze the bag with shungit. When the bath is set - leave a bag of shungite in the water for a while, until the water becomes pleasant for the body. Do not forget about relaxing music or a book that has long been planned to read and scented candles. A bath with schungite water restores the body, strengthens health, calms the nervous system, brings emotions into balance.
Shungite baths are a reliable remedy for stress.
Dress warmly, take care of your body and you will not be afraid of any colds!