On the way to a healthy body. Part 3


One of the most important rules of a healthy lifestyle is drinking mode. A person should drink at least one and a half liters of water a day! This is no secret to anyone. But few people think about the quality of absorbed water. Boiled water is dead, not enriched with energy and having unhealthy impurities. Get a real, living fluid will help schungite.

Shungite water is a colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, which belong to a new generation of drugs with a multi-faceted effect on the body. Purification of water under the action of a mineral occurs due to the chemical activity of schungite: all organic impurities in a liquid under its influence decompose to simple oxides.
In addition to the purification, the reaction of the so-called activation of water occurs - the saturation of the liquid with useful macro- and microelement components (calcium, magnesium salts, etc.) in an optimal concentration for humans.

Why shungite better known filters? They are removed along with harmful impurities and beneficial.

To prepare living water at home you need:
• Thoroughly rinse the mineral;
• Place it in a container and fill it with water;
• Infuse liquid for 2 days;
• Pour water into another container, leaving a layer with impurities at the bottom. Layer thickness about 5 cm

When insisting water on shungite, it enriches with fullerenes. The resulting aqueous solution of fullerenes has potent antioxidant properties, many times superior to the currently known antioxidants.

Skin care.
Continuing the path to a healthy body, we turn to caring for the skin. Many are worried about the action of free radicals, which destroy the protein components of the skin and, as a result, uncontrolled changes appear. Do not be afraid of these processes, they must be prevented! Soap with shungite crumb can become an indispensable helper, because one of the main properties of the mineral is the binding of free radicals and an increase in blood microcirculation. That guarantees the slowing down of oxidative processes leading to fading of the skin.

Such a soap can be purchased or made independently: a piece of baby soap should be rubbed on a fine grater, filled with the resulting shavings prepared container. Fill the container with hot water, close the lid and shake well to dissolve the water chips. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally until the soap chips are completely dissolved. Pour milk and shungite crumb into the dissolved mixture. Pour into container for liquid soap. The initial proportions of the products are soap: hot water: milk is 1: 1: 0.5. Baby is added at your discretion.

If soap making is not included in your plans, then you can use ready-made soap with shungite content, made by hand by craftsmen.