On the way to a healthy body. Part 2

Take a course on good health! In the summer there is an opportunity to feed yourself with various vitamins with the help of fruits, berries, as well as the sun, warmth, charge yourself for the whole coming year! Therefore, we are actively preparing for cold weather in order not to be exposed to viruses and cold winds.

Having trained yourself to do daily exercises, take a douche and eat properly proceed to the next stage - massage. And not in the spa and without great expense! Guided by simple rules massage can be done at home.

1. Massage with warm stones is a unique procedure, which has no analogues. Shungite pellets are heated to a temperature of 40 ° C and laid out on a certain part of the body, covered with a warm blanket. The procedure takes 30 minutes. Benefits:
• the ability to achieve local dosed heating and solve specific problems of individual areas of the body;
• lack of general warming up and normal air humidity during the procedure allow reducing the load on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
• Stone therapy with the use of hot and cold stones is the only method of contrast exposure, which does not require sophisticated equipment, the presence of showers, baths, special disinfection.
2. Foot massage itself.
• Using a ball. After the evening foot bath, a shungite ball is taken of a suitable size and rolled with the feet for 10–15 minutes. Such a simple procedure can activate the most important points on the legs, improve the general condition and relieve fatigue.
• With the help of shungite pebbles: it is heated and placed on a piece of cardboard, after that they stand on it and slightly shift from one foot to the other. Such an effect on the reflex zones of the foot helps to improve blood circulation, reduces swelling of the legs and eliminates pain in muscles and joints, as well as increases efficiency, relieves fatigue and energizes.

Wrap shungite paste. Salon care can be done at home, just mix shungite powder in water, in proportions of 1 to 2, until a creamy consistency is formed. Apply to the problem area of ​​the body, cover with a film and a warm cloth. Leave for 30 minutes. The number of procedures is at least 15,
every other day to achieve the best result. This paste is able to relieve pain in the back, joints and injured areas; accelerates metabolic processes in the body, improves blood microcirculation, nourishes tissues. Because of the ability of shungite rocks to bind free radicals that promote aging, paste is applied on the face as an independent mask for rejuvenation and nutrition.