On the way to a healthy body. Part 1


Shungite is a mineral that helps to increase vital energy. There are many factors in the world that suppress life force. Such as radiation, microwaves, water and air pollution. It is known that the amount of living energy that is in shungite is much higher than in other terrestrial minerals. He has the ability to release this energy into the surrounding space, harmonizing it.

No wonder that the cult of a healthy lifestyle has recently become fashionable. Adhering to its rules, it is very easy to keep your body in shape, to be active, healthy, mobile, and thanks to it, it is time to do it and work well and spend time in a circle of loved ones.

Where to begin?

1. Charging! The simplest exercises on all the muscles and joints of the body will not take much time, but they will fill your body with energy for the whole day.

2. Contrasting showers will help the vessels to do their work better, disperse the lymphatic system, and as a result, excessive swelling will disappear, irregularities in the skin will be smoothed out.

3. Proper nutrition. Gradually, by discarding food debris (chips, sugar, soda, convenience foods, etc.) and eating fruits, vegetables, you can achieve the desired physical shape and significantly improve your health.

The main thing is to take the most fresh, without carcinogens and nitrates food. This will help shungit plate for products, which cleans of harmful substances and is able to saturate all the products with energy that come into contact with it.

How to use shungite tiles?

• Restoration of energy balance.

After heating the food (in any way), put the plate for 1 - 1.5 minutes on the tile. Shungit during this time will give healthy trace elements to products, and you get healthy food for yourself and your loved ones.

• Getting clean food.

Due to its ion-exchange properties, shungite extracts certain pollutants from products and saturates it with the necessary macro- and microelements.

• Duration of storage.

The undoubted advantage is that putting the products on shungit tiles, you extend their shelf life.
Another important quality of food after they lie on shungite - a person begins to consume less food, and, consequently, the weight normalizes naturally.

Take care of your body and it will not let you down!