Relax in the sauna

As soon as people learned to make fire, they learned about the properties of water and stones - then the first steps to the invention of baths were taken. Moreover, different peoples have their own traditions of building baths, their own rules and their own history. To this day, the relevance of steam rooms has not disappeared. Since ancient times, only their variety has increased: Russian, Finnish bath, hammam, sauna, etc.

One of the best ways to spend time together with friends or relatives is a sauna. But time in the steam room can be spent not only with pleasure, but also with great benefit.
In a well-heated body, the blood supply increases, pores open, the body easily absorbs all substances from the outside. Therefore, it's time for facial masks and wraps to nourish the skin with useful trace elements as much as possible. And we will make a product for drawing independently!
To obtain high-quality mass for the procedures, it is necessary to purchase schungite powder and natural clay. As an additional component contribute to the composition of natural organic oils (coconut, juniper, pumpkin). All products are mixed to the consistency of thick cream. Then they are slightly warmed up (in any way) and applied on the face as a mask for 10-15 minutes or on a problem area of ​​the body, after having treated it with a scrub or a dry brush for the body. After applying to the body, wrap with cling film and a soft, warm cloth. Leave for 30-40 minutes. Wash off with shungite-based shower gel or shungite soap with warm water. Even after the first procedure, you can see a noticeable result: healthy, toned, radiant skin.
Do not forget about rest, not only relaxing, but also wellness! Maintain your youth and beauty, it's so nice and easy!