Shungite for aquarium

Shungite is a special mineral that is able to turn ordinary water into "living", saturated with useful microelements. Shungite rocks have sorption, catalytic and bactericidal properties. That is why it is actively used in filters for the preparation of drinking water.

Studies were carried out on the sorption properties of schungite for petroleum products, during which it became clear that the mineral copes better in its values ​​compared to activated carbon. A study of the antioxidant properties of shungite showed that it removes free radicals almost completely and corrects the composition of water, highlighting the elements that are beneficial to the body.
Based on the experiments of scientists, you can be sure of the reliability and safety of the mineral and even use it to purify water in an aquarium.
Methods for cleaning aquarium water:
1. Place shungit crumb in the filter. The water purified in the filter will be filled with fullerenes, as a result of which the amount of impurities and harmful bacteria will sharply decrease.
2. To pour on the bottom of the aquarium, where the accumulated waste of fish and the remnants of food. Shungite will not allow breeding of putrefactive bacteria, so the water will stay clean longer.
Water saturated with shungite rock has no contraindications. Numerous observations have established that diseased aquarium fish or those that have damage to the scales can be cured very quickly and effectively in schungite water.
Application: 250 grams of crumbs (pebbles) per 50 liters of water, changed every month.