Fight against problem skin

Problem skin always requires increased care and investment. But even the most expensive cream is not always able to eliminate the shortcomings and save you from problems.

Consider the main causes of acne:
• Inflammation of the skin;
• Active secretion of blubber;
• Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
• Violation of the hormonal background;
• Subcutaneous mites or bacteria.
In order to choose a cosmetic product, it is necessary to take into account the main reason, carefully study the composition, read reviews, prepare a considerable amount, etc. But there is a remedy that can cure problem skin with any cause, that is, it suits absolutely everyone. This is an elite shungite, a unique beauty precious mineral that has a silver, glossy overflow and is extracted by hand. Therefore, its cost is much higher than the usual schungite rock. Products from elite schungite rightfully can stand in the same row with precious stones. But its main feature is the presence of fullerenes, specific molecular compounds. Fullerenes are the most powerful antioxidants known today.
How to use elite shungite in the fight against problem skin?
We insist water on the mineral: 100 g of stones are required for 1 liter of water, we leave it for a day. The next day, you can wash the solution and drink. After washing, dry the face with a paper towel, not with a towel. Shungite has pronounced antiseptic properties and the effect will be noticeable after the first wash. The skin of the face will remain moist and elastic, unlike all other known antibacterial agents that dry it.
If there are problem areas on the body, then shungite baths are a help. To take a bath, place a bag of stones (about 300 g) in warm water for 10 minutes, then squeeze the bag and set aside shungite to dry. The duration of shungite bath is about 10-20 minutes.
Also shungite baths are suitable for people who care about their appearance and attractiveness. Enriched water is able to bind free radicals in the cells, thereby preventing skin aging.