Shungite products are diverse in their application. Consider the methods of self-massage using various forms of shungite.
1. Massage pencil.
Any massage performed correctly is extremely useful, but if you enhance its effect with a unique schungite, the effectiveness of the procedure will increase several times. Shungite massage pencil is a prototype of ancient amulets, but with increased activity. Since the pencil is able to activate individual processes in the human body. Their goal can be both the revitalization of the activities of individual organs and the organism as a whole. Massage pencils are also used to correct the energy balance. With the help of the impact of a massage pencil on special points, located on the body, you can achieve a healing and tonic effect. On the arms, neck, ears and face are special points responsible for a particular organ. Pressing shungit pencil on them activates their work. Also, light massage is suitable for anesthesia of a certain part of the body. Contraindications for such a massage is not.
The shungite pencil is used by experts in su-jok therapy, as well as in crystallotherapy. Acupuncture effects on points of the whole body.
Why is shungite chosen as a material? This mineral has a number of amazing properties: antibacterial, tonic, protecting from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, as well as useful elements that saturate the body.
Daily massage to certain points will help get rid of nervous overstrain, eliminate headaches, improve the efficiency of the body. Shungite massage pencils bring the body into a state of balance and ensure the healing processes.
2. Shungite pellets - an excellent tool for stone therapy, as well as self-massage of the legs.
Amazing analgesic property of shungite is used to remove blocks in the back and reduce the swelling of the legs. For massage, shungite rubble, elite shungite and balls are chosen. For the procedure, the stones are heated and applied to a specific area of ​​the body, combining with massage. Also known is the technique of self-massage of the feet, for which you can use the ball, rolling it with your feet for 10 to 15 minutes or using pebbles: it is heated and placed on a piece of cardboard, after which they stand and slightly shift from one foot to the other. Such an effect on the reflex zones of the foot helps to improve blood circulation, reduces swelling of the legs and eliminates pain in muscles and joints, as well as increases efficiency, relieves fatigue and energizes.