Shungite in travel

Summer is the time for exploration of various corners of our vast planet. On the trip, you want to take so many things to ensure your life completely, but more often than not, restrictions on the weight of the airlines makes the tourists think over their luggage. How can you save space in a suitcase? What kind of universal things can I take with me? Consider products from shungite, which will become indispensable helpers away from home.
Shungite mat.
It is in one sitting position for several hours quite difficult. I always want to take along a personal masseur who has not allowed the neck, back, legs to swell all the way. There is such a compact masseur! Shungite mat size 30cm * 40cm - an indispensable assistant for passive massage of virtually any part of the body. The mineral normalizes the work of the whole organism, restores the biological field and biochemical processes, increases the rate of circulation. The mat consists of a small crumb of shungite and zeolite (natural sorbent), which qualitatively increases the hygienic indices of the product.
Shungite stones.
Why take stones with you? Most often, water in another country can cause intestinal upset or not be suitable for your skin, even if you are resting in a luxury hotel. It's just that the human body is arranged: it perceives that water to which it is accustomed. Therefore, pebbles become portable "filters". The purification of water under the action of a mineral is due to the chemical activity of schungite: all organic impurities in the liquid under its influence decompose to simple oxides, and insoluble residues - translates into a water residue. In addition to purification, a so-called water activation reaction occurs-the liquid is saturated with useful macro- and microelements components (calcium, magnesium salts, etc.) in the optimal concentration for humans.
Shungite figure.
Take on the trip a small figure (a ball, a cylinder, a pyramid), it, first, can have an anesthetic effect. For the procedure, the stones are heated or rubbed between the palms and applied to a specific area of ​​the body. Secondly, to improve the atmosphere in a temporary home. It is absolutely unknown what kind of people lived before you in the room, and what energy it was charged. Shungite figure harmonizes the space, and your rest will be excellent.