Assistant in the kitchen


Do you know what happens to food while warming in a microwave oven? Microwaves distort the chemical composition of food, deform the chemical bonds, as a result of which the product becomes "dead", useful micronutrients are killed.
In the early 2000s, an experiment was conducted: the researchers studied the initial composition of broccoli, then one part of the vegetables was cooked in a microwave oven, the other - by a steam. A second analysis of the broccoli composition showed that the microwave cooked vegetable had lost 96% of the important trace elements, and the steamed product was only 10%.
Also experimentally, scientists have proved that when the products are defrosted in the microwave oven, up to 40% of useful minerals are lost. Protein products, in turn, lose not only useful elements, but also taste.
But how to be a man in modern conditions, where there is practically no time for heating food, and microwave ovens are practically in every house? It turns out that there is a special plate made of a unique mineral - shungite, which is able to restore the energy balance of food after the microwave oven, and also helps to keep the freshness of the products.
How to use shungite tile?
1. Restoration of the composition.
After heating the food (in any way), put the plate for 1 - 1.5 minutes on the tile. Shungite during this time will give useful microelements to the products, and you get a full-fledged food.
2. Cleaning products.
Due to its ion-exchange properties, it extracts certain contaminants from the products.
3. Duration of storage.
The undoubted advantage is that by putting the products on the shungite tile, you extend their shelf life.