Balancing stones


Have you seen such an amazing phenomenon as balancing stones? The most famous natural phenomena are in the USA, Colorado, balancing rocks in Zimbabwe, the Stone Idol in the UK, the Goldstone in Mannme. Natural phenomena gave development to the art of balancing stones. It consists in the ability to place stones of different shapes and volumes on each other in various combinations without the use of additional materials and tools.

The process of placing stones is a kind of meditation: it can distract a person from worldly vanity, allows him to remain alone with his thoughts and forces him to focus on achieving a subtle balance. There is an opinion that working with stones, their gravitational flows as a result, adds intricate shapes that become a reflection of the inner world of the creator of the figure. The created balance is a dialogue of stone, nature and creative energy of a person.

If you want to create your balancing tower, but do not know how, we will help you.

In the initial stages, the use of glue is permissible, with the passage of time it should be abandoned, but this will not be a problem. The main thing is to learn how to work with the material, to gain an understanding of the form, the point of support, the center of gravity.


You will need stones of shungite pellets of various shapes and glue.

* Model the model of the future tower, determine the number of stones and their sequence (the size of the stones should decrease as they grow);

* Arrange the pebbles in such a way that no future points of gluing are visible;

* Get to work, glue stones from the bottom to the top, watch the vertical construction;

* Carefully make sure that the glue is not visible.

Your tower of balancing stones is ready! Be boldly dispose of it in your interior and start creating a new one.