The path to an ideal sleep


The guarantee of a good sleep is the peace of mind. Evening walk before going to bed, reading the whole family of the book, doing yoga contribute to a harmonious recovery of the spirit after a hard day's work. But arising periodically problems, stresses, anxieties can not simply disappear, leaving no trace in the mind of a person.

If the nightmares are constantly harassed, sleep stops and does not come until the morning, then it is worth thinking about: everything is in order with the body, with the situation in the house? It makes sense to look for the true cause, but also to use techniques to eliminate the consequences.

1. Shungite spheres. Such a simple and pleasant lesson like rolling balls in a hand in different directions not only trains fingers (especially useful for musicians, doctors), but also soothes, improves blood circulation, lowers fatigue and stimulates a multitude of points on our palms that are associated with various organs and systems in the human body. Concentration on manual actions contributes to the stabilization of the chaos of thoughts. As a result - a healthy dream.

2. Harmonizers. Cylinders made of shungite and talcochlorite are paired objects for positive impact. In man two energies are interwoven-the solar and lunar, the right and left sides, respectively. For the bioenergetic process, one item is taken from the shungite, the other is the soapstone, the cylinders are compressed in the hands, the person takes the most comfortable position for him. The process of energy recovery has already begun. This session lasts about 15 minutes every day before going to bed or during anxious moments. Shungite harmonizer creates around itself a magnetic field, which protects against negative energy. As these procedures increase, headaches, nightmares, and increased fatigue gradually develop. The person is filled with energy, which he lost during the working day.

3. A sphere, a pyramid, an octahedron. Table shungite products are permanent amulets in the house. They protect the dwelling from the negative, even when there is no one at home. People engaged in magic and making mascots consider shungite a reliable source of energy and are often used in their work. Researchers who conducted experiments with shungit talismans said that the radius of influence of the figure is about 5 meters. Shungite figurine, located on the bedside table, with the help of powerful energy flows improves the quality of sleep, balances the emotional balance in the family, cleans the space and promotes recovery.

Choose one way or use everything, combining with sports, walking in the fresh air and reading books, have more rest and pleasant dreams!