The rockery


Shungite is an ideal stone for landscape design. With his help you can work in different stylistic directions, create unique figures. One of the most common landscape areas is rockeries.

It is such a decorative composition of stones and dwarf plants. Sometimes the term is replaced by the name "rocky garden". Have a rockery, most often, in the open space.

You can create a composition yourself, having carefully studied the existing structures of the garden. The main requirements for plants: adaptability to climate, resistance under any conditions, simple requirements for care. The stones that frame the flowers should emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of nature. Shungite, as a mineral, having various shades and overflows, perfectly suits as a landscape stone.

Requirements for the arrangement of rockeries:

The surface of the earth is sufficiently flat;
* Plants are evergreen, as well as harmonizing with each other in shape and color;
* Choose one type of colors: fast or slow growing, as mixing of species will break the composition due to different development period and will make the appearance of the site untidy;
* Observe the distance between the plantings, so that some do not overlap the others.

* In a small territory (cottage). The site of a small size also wants to lead to a noble appearance, so the rockery must be proportionate. In the country, most often, it is a flower bed with original flowers, which accentuates attention.

* Large area (garden, plot). In wide areas rockary - this is a real work of art with all sorts of plants, their combinations, unique stony figures. All the components need to be brought together, to achieve harmony. Perfectly on the backyard will look cascading structures and compositions with waterfalls and decorative ponds. This rockery requires considerable financial and time costs, but will justify all investments.

* In the apartment. Yes - yes, the designs have already moved to residential apartments, or rather - to balconies. In this case, you need to focus on the drainage system, ventilation and watering of plants.